Birth Right

There's more than this

Something much deeper

Already here.

An ever pure essence

Emerging in greater complexity

creative ingenuity

And radical play

Beyond the edges

Somewhere - Humanity is Remembering



As we have always made sure to fling ourselves into

In between the Work of wrestling with God

And plotting an escape route

From our own Bodies

And this Strange world

We have internalized and Alienated ourselves

From the gates to the Heaven's within.

There are infinite dimensions of Human Expression

Waiting to be Recalled



And you are the Taste Tester.

Why enslave yourself

With any box?

There are fruits you have not yet tried

From places you didn't know existed

But which were apart of your heart all along

That you nearly believed

Might be meant

To feel kinda broken

Half dead

Rather then shaking

In the Rivetting Rawness

Of how Beautiful it is

When Humans remember

How True they are.

Life just hit different

When the computer

Has become second-hand


As we find ourselves suspended in space



Within a global melting pot

That has roots spread out

All around us

And that this Western

Coloniser influenced

American bubble

Of Pop Culture

Is currently popping before our eyes

To remind us of the burial ground beneath

And singing birds above.

Dancing spirits

and a blossoming garden

With a rainbow of different ways

Of playing with the whole human

Nature thing.

Of being all together

Blossoming out of the Darkness

While strengthening in each of our unique Individuations

As a network

As family

As tribe

As community

As a super-ogranism

As a whole

As a web being weaved

As a Super Hero Team

As unity

Expressing Oneness

Through endless diversity.

Here - it is easy to forget

where we come from

Who we are