Empty Yourself to Embody Your Purpose

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

To step into the flow of your ultimate bliss, your authentic heart will call you to do some shit your self-consciousness would be way too emberassed, proud, stingy, fearful, and doubtful to consider possible, safe, or beneficial.

In terms of non-dual thought: if you wish to have everything, you have to become nothing.

Ones purpose can be thought of as the living theme of movement that ultimately fulfills the soul, through it’s greater realization of mission in service to the whole. This is because we are all unified on the essential soul level, and can only reach full actualization of self in our contribution to the whole. While each of our purposes is to simply be ourselves- part of the play of incarnating is that we can compliment our “being”, with a sense of “doing”, which brings us more deeply into our being, and supports the world in the same. So purpose serves as the bridge between the spiritual and manifest realms as our point for incarnating in the context of greater universal evolution and integration.

We have been blinded by the idea of “work” based on the motivating carrot of external validation, while purpose is ingrained in our unique soul blueprint as what deeply motivates our hearts interactions with the world in any moment. As one shares from it’s hearts deepest impulse to express, we all benefit and get to recieve a little bit more of what we all are.

The times I have felt the clearest channel for this flow, have been in realizing that the things I have been unconsciously conditioned to preoccupy my monkey mind with, (such as: will i be safe from rejection? etc.) do not actually matter.

The only thing that part of me that is the extension of the oversoul spark from which we all stem from (aka Love) cares about is service. It knows that the more I am concerned with self-image in order to not be too vulnerable amidst the great mystery- the less I can actually bring forth / manifest the ineffable grace of my True Self.

In this case, not only am I witholding my oversoul medicine from blessing the world to remind it more of our collective brilliance, but I also compromise my ability to expirience the fulfillment of embodying my potential. Our purpose propels us beyond a sense of seperation, and asks us to dance with and be danced by life to know the flow of grace - beyond what the controling mind could ever ration.

The more I realize that whats best for all is best for me - the more empty I am of a limited sense of self that only witholds my fully loaded majesty from reflecting the one light to my reflections.

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