"Enough" is remembered when we unscramble our Huge NO. (Get it? Look deeper.)

You are Enough.

So, are you ready to say Enough to the bullshit feeding your core-beliefs in and experiences of your limitations?

In some ways, we cant be done with something until we fully see and accept it.

Further casting our skeletons into the closet does not work. The Light of our awareness needs to illuminate the shadows that have been haunting us from behind the normalcy of our unconscious comforts, old stories, and toxic relational dynamics. In honest presence with our whole selves (both darkness and light), we find our inner YES to our core integrated expression, without compromise, nor bypass.

And it takes quite a lot of time and space to allow the unconscious patterns and games that have been hijacking and suppressing our sovereign agency and pure potential (for immeasurable lifetimes through our lineage) to become conscious.

You can’t rush your healing. Consciousness is the healing solvent in which all fragments naturally transmute without the illusion of effort...

The spiral of time, and the higher purpose and place of each thing within the circle of life has it’s beautifully mysterious wisdom that can’t be manipulated, argued with, or transcended until the lessons have been integrated.

... And yet, we can allow it to loop for longer than it has to, when we are unaware of what happens when we stop fighting and make peace with the big NO coming through us, to clear the way for us to receive what we deserve in the seeing of how much of our life has been one big revoking of our responsibility, and giving our consent to less-then.

Long suppressed has been the knowledge that we are allowed to desire the highest and best, and are CAPABLE of CLAIMING it - through tuning into the grace of our untouchable core innocence, discernment, honesty, and worth. And it's not what we "think" it is.

This awareness of our potential as truly Infinite Beings cracks the perceptual opening to become brave enough to ask our essence for what it really wants (no, not the mind) ~ revealing a universal cry for Simple, Sovereign Beingness long outcast, ostracized, and crucified from feeling safe to show it's face on this planet.

The vast open sky of freedom Illuminates and dissolves all shadows of attachment to a fragmented sense of separateness - (sometimes expirienced as a "Dark Night of the Soul") - only because our wholeness is much stronger, realer, and ready to radiate a New Golden Dawn.

When this is clearly seen, and the weight of whatever games have been playing up until then are felt, there is no more bartering the soul for poor boundaries and siphoning self-betrayal, numbed by the sexy scraps and weighted blankets of sleepy social submission.

Sometimes it takes Work to realize we have always been Free, and liberate ourselves from each bar we've been upholding ourselves within... or burn this whole mental prison down to the ground, offering it's ashes for the Holy Child within us all to rise like a Phoenix out of into spirituality Maturity.

Our sense of Freedom, Love, and Connection is not designed to be conditional or co-dependant. We need nobodies permission, validation, in order to remember who we are.

Until we realize this, we will keep compromising ourselves into victimhood, and attempting to fight and manipulate from the outside world / systems / people the sense of Love and Belonging that has always already been ours.

As the universe incarnate, Sovereignty is our birthright to claim, on behalf of all who haven’t known they are allowed to.

This is what this whole "Everything You need Is Within" thing is all about...

So - can you see how none of the coping mechanisms or sales strategies you've been hyping yourself up on, while fun for the time being and lessons learned, never ACTUALLY grant the true contentment that can honestly NEVER be found in the illusion of a separate world made to hand you the keys to your own heart?

Again, there is nothing wrong with the world, matter, or each of our soul and karmic lessons. It is all holy. It is all necessary. It is all useful.

Until one finds themselves exhausted enough to claim ENOUGH...

Which only the realization of the Empty nature of the Self, and it's essential Enoughness, can serve in it's Awakening to a new way of relating to a world that has always been merely a projection the screen of it's consciousness.

Nothing can fill the void of dissociation from Self-Realization.

Just because the world has gone crazy, doesn’t mean we have to keep manifesting madness in our personal lives. You don’t have to be a victim to and settle for the ways youv'e been used to things being.

And it all starts in realizing what we are unconsciously choosing.

This is where true creative Power, Integrity, and Fun comes into play.

The Feminine Backdrop of reality holds Infinte mercy for all the explorations of this universe... but so much of our bringing justice and restoring balance to this Universe, on behalf of the Higher Masculine putting the sword down to open up the gates of higherr harmony, is to learn to say "No." to our spiritual laziness.

As we revoke consent to the distortions we’ve been programmed to recreate - the thrill of our trauma bonds to this dissociated collective mind and astral circus lose their energy, and true peace can be known.

All is forgiven and innocent. But just because it’s all ok, doesn’t mean we can’t upgrade our standards.

We can have a full Heaven Yes.

Safe. Pure. Sovereign. Free. Harmonious. Healthy. Spacious. Peacful. Juicy. Blissful. Fuckin LIT. . .

It’s designed to be THAT Good.

No - even better.

We just have to clear the space for it to blossom through us, by relinquishing the control issues used to mask our sense of lack of safety - all the while giving our authority away to what we thought was as Good as it could get.

Freedom is always far simpler, more spacious, and more infinitely immediate than the myriads of over-complexified webs of drama and illusion we have become confused by in this current cultural matrix.

But we have to delve into it - sacrificing all we've invested in upholding our victimhood and seperateness into the fire.

This work creates ripples, making ourselves fully available the living expirience of Heaven on Earth that has always been here, behind the coping mechanisms of our innocent, traumatized, self-fooling ego.

You are nowhere near as small as you've been pretending yourself to be.

And we fuckin NEED your badass soul, fully Lit, Embodied, and Paving forth this new way in

Conscious Co-Creation of a world that reflects this Benevolent reminder and permission for all.