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Updated: Aug 4

I never resonated with the idea of "become your Higher Self", as it always seemed to imply to me a neglecting of whatever part of us we deem to be our "lower or lesser self" in exchange for a portrayal of an image of what we think we should be - which essentially doesn't work.

This is because the Higher Self is simply the essence of Who You Already Are as a soul, which can never be fully embodied while denying some aspect of yourself - as that only causes further fragmentation, rather than that core integrated / unified expirience which is what allows more access to your fullness.

We are ALREADY our Higher Self, and we have come here as spirits to know the full mystery of our infinite nature's through the paradoxical play of both darkness and light. This is why "Shadow Work" is so important. The purification is the alchemy in allowing our light to meet and embrace the darkness in full presence, rather then to further neglect, “other”, and thus calcify it.

If we are trying to become some mental idea of what we think to be "sacred / righteous / pure", we risk potentially operating under illusion or another layer of spiritual bypass / ego trip, as we are living out a self-image, rather then an authentic desenscion / surrender / merge with the True Self before all forced mental excursions of the personality to be something other then what one already IS (which is the initial sense of split from the Unified Self).

The more we release ideas of being anything other then what we are, the more the parts of us that have been kept unconscious and forgetting of their belonging to love / god / the light get to be unified, and the more we expirience what we already truly are.

In that sense, the idea of a "Higher Self" is only useful languaging at some points of the journey, as it gives us reference to the fact that our basic self is infinitely greater then we have been taught to see ourselves as. But nothing to take seriously in trying to bypass a lower self, as the "Higher Self" is really that which encompasses both Higher and Lower - and is therefor rather your "True Self" or the "Core Self"... which is really that which all aspects of yourself are in essence, manifesting in different levels of awareness all to serve the greater purpose of this self-realized integration that they were all already One.

Inspired by the Post by Gyani

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