I’m Grateful For You

For us. For Grattitude and Love, and the knowing that the more these keys are remembered, the closer we get to balance and reconciliation with the Earth and all her People. Shouts out to the unified tree of all our ancestors come before, who have worked their assess off to bring us to this gift we get to open called “this new day”. And to the ancestors of the lands we are on and their earth-rooted teachings of interconnectedness and medicine supporting the collective in our healing as a whole from the spell of percieved seperation.

Shouts out to every beautiful soul I have ever had the blessing to be reflected another aspect of myself / the Universe, and mold into more of my destiny through. For the benevolent, loving, miraculous purpose of our meeting in this life, and all lifes before. For saying Yes to Love.

Shouts out to those weaving through my life and inbox these days. I feel so blessed and held by us..

My prayer is to recieve all that is already here, and give back what is mine to offer, more deeply and freely then ever before. And you, here - thank you for your presence with, trust in , and openness to me.

For your heart, your healing, your challenges, your willingness to live, and your divine purpose.

I’m also grateful for my openness to expressing gratitude so sincerely, as I keep being reflected that it’s “a lot”, and more than most people are used to.

Yet I expirience it as the most important, obvious and natural things to allow through, if we are really present and paying attention.

This life is so abundant. It is such a privelage to be alive. This is magic. This is precious. Everything is a gift. But we hardly ever make ourselves open enough to fully let it in.

Grattitude naturally outpours from within this recieving. Not because it has to. But because that’s how energy flows.

Thank you. I honor you for the gift that you are.

I find that grattitude opens up the narrow / unconscious sleep state of our habitual state of being, and expands our capacity to not only mentally / emotionally enjoy - but therefor physically access the inate gift of life itself when we are grateful for it.

Everythings a gift. An attitude of grattitude opens us up to recieve it, and let the satisfaction land.

If we are not fully present, we will mindlessly consume - because it is our own openess to life we are starving for. I find that when we are therefor are fully open to our presence, less becomes more - as we can actually assimilate all the abundance that’s already here for us, rather then seek this internal awareness through external supplementation from a place of lack, and lack of unlocking of what is already here.

I remember my friend once praying over a meal and then saying “I just do that cuz it makes the food taste better.” That was funny

And now for the most magical and curious thing about grattitude:

Can we be sincerely grateful for the “darkness” in our life's and in the world - honoring it’s sacred place and purpose within the family of wholeness unifying all things, and for it’s teachings.

What do you think will happen to us when we do?

If Grattitude is just opening the gift of whatever we are focusing on through the light we shine on it using our consciousness, what do you think will happen to the “darkness” that is really just a neglected expression of our already ostracized, contracted aspect of our unconscious self - who hasn't yet seen it’s own light?

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