Nothing To Hold | Poem

Updated: Mar 22

When all the games have become played out

And the endless consumption has only made one hungrier

And the costume feels outworn And the stories have become exhausted

and the denial has hallowed into a dry joke

The weight heavy...

And the Ego is wound up just tightly enough

For twisted muscles To embrace the inner light

of the unbound Soul

Light up the nervous system

Like a christmas tree Get the lymphs flowin Like sexy rivers The cerebro-spinal fluid stirrin Like the blood of christ Merry christ

Marrying the horizontal picture Of the one out there To the spinal pillar Of the ladder leading down into this hole in the ground here

This dance upon your own grave With a cross on your back

At the edge of where Rash becomes Soft And Violence turns into a Victory Where every winner was a Loser

And God is no longer so attracted To suffering...

As a human Let's go And let's god

Blossom forth as an open palm A force of Nature

More willing to Love this suffering And dig deeper And sweat and bleed And lean into the dirt

To Dance And stomp And spin And surrender the stuck-up soul into the sensuality of the soil. To remember what it's like to have feet Kiss this Holy Ground Step by Step

Learning to Walk on Water

As the surface of the One Silent Sea of being has settled to reveal a Magic Mirror

Rippling with each creative choice to reflect the rainbow spectrum Of the Star Lit Self

Refracting through an endless Void of Darkness Unconscious Forgotten Repressed & Denied Both misunderstood & Glorified

Masks Faces Feelings Voices Tones Textures Colors Ancient Motions & New Patterns Emerging

As One Pure Light Endlessly flowing

Channeling a power Not overbearing Or understood

But just bearable enough To break through anything that has forgotten It’s nature

As that which Move's Mountains Burns Bridges Magnetizes Lovers

And births New Ones

Art out of clashing colors Renovated Temples Out of the Rubble Of the catastrophically Cathartic Impact

of Hot meeting cold Of Fuck Meeting Love Where within that bad Is benevolence Patience Unimaginable mercy

A relentlessly adorable Sacredly Innocent Strength To build a fucking wing Cracking through the Cosmic Egg As the Primordial Seed Sound To find a match made in heaven on Earth of Plant And pavement Where well-tended Gardens Allow Children to see themselves in Flowers

So flowers no longer have to say "Are we there yet"

To realize they are free to both Fly And Fall

Without ever having to leave Real Ground

What's taking place here Right behind your very eye Is a Love Story greater then a Fairy Tale Deeper than a tower dropping

A homecoming

After being burnt out by some crazy ass adventure to find the Dragon of Passion Which holds the keys to the Gates of Heaven Where Divine Hands are waiting to bitch-slap us into Hell So that we may be erected as Tall Trees

As we remember Our Roots within the Heart of the Mother And that there was never anything to Get Run away from Give or Hold

And we can just drop it

Give the sword one good swing Through ones own head And lay it down in the Heart

Let bed rock rest upon your Shoulder An arm from a friend that feels like they could be forever A drop returning to the Goddess

For which we must sacrifice Our bitching

& bullshit Must Get sick of being at the receiving end of our own resentments,


and excuses

For not sharing in an unapoligtically badass Radically compassionate

And soul-shakingly Contracted muscle wakingly bravely transparent Dance with the One on the other side of the courage to be curious The controling The victimhood The projection And all the really hard insecure ones beneath the Shame The horror The heart break

Of the need to find the sweetness On the other side of our

most innocent fear Where we can develop the true sincerity of courage To laugh at oneself Without dissociating The sensitivity To address the need To claim our Unfuckwithability Within the forcefield Of pure unconditional love We hold for the world

To feel the suffering

Shake off the dirt Cleanse the wounds Hustle Sing to the Water

Take a look in the mirror And wake the Love up

Let ourselves be uplifted By the gravity of dying

and slowing way down low Till there is nowhere to go

And this Body can be honest As the Uncontainable Universe itself

God Speed...

via which the Sun makes love to the Sea And consciousness can truly and finally Remember what Rest means

When there is no more seeking And no more hiding

And all of it is ok.

The greatest strength Comes through the greatest humility To the fact that There is nothing to hold.

If the Truth could be expressed It would be sung As a whisper in the wind To dispel the stormy stories

And remind you that you are the Eye Of the hurricane that has been harassing the old house you thought could shelter you from the final freedom of finding a comfortable home Within nature’s wildness Pressed up against your naked body

Like a long lost Lover

As cells burst and humm And DNA dances And Neurons fry And Nerves melt back into Belonging

This longing is for The Breathe that cannot be held

As it endlessly twirls And weaves And she uncoils

As Angels and Stars that were eager to see themselves from the Earth Conspire to play cosmic cops and robbers