Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Some voices will tell you to go this way and do this thing, and another moment some voices will tell you to go the other way and do this other thing. Sometimes it will seem like the voices are tearing you apart between all directions at once.

Some wiser-seeming voices will preach balance and mastery, as if there is a perfect way.

They can get annoying too 😆

Often though, as soon as you think you know something cuz the mind makes it seem more "righteous", reality reveals your grasping to be futile in the fluid dance and ever-free ebb and flow of it all.

Everything has it’s place in the Universe. One day, all ideas will have burned to the ground, and only the spectral gifts of truth’s integrated awe will remain.

Although this is the most far-out the Universe has ever tricked itself in believing itself to be from itself, there is less of an existential tension between life's polarities then our insecurities may imagine.

So feel it out for yourself. Perhaps question and examine the different suggestions of where to go, and see whom is really most loving, or wise and alligned with your souls core. Try to see if there's a place where they compromise or meet.

Or may I remind you that it’s possible to just say “sorry, but fuck that yo”, throw it all out the window for a moment, give yourself a damn break for once, and try to do what feels uniquely fresh and true to YOU! Even if you don’t really know who you are...

Perhaps then stopping the trying all together too see what happens when you let whatever unfolding wants to spontaneously unfold. Step by Step. Leap by leap. Just ike a baby?

Perhaps a woke baby, trusting that any choice it makes is the right choice, ever supported by a self-organizing quantum web of unified synchronicities -that albeit being insanely unpredictable at times- has it’s own hyperintelligent swag about it‘s way of blessing things beyond our tiny brains judgments of it?

Sure, empowered choices make a difference. Sure, thinking things over has it’s effects. Yes, there are deeper layers of intuition to attune to. And of course, you care about other people and wanna be a good person in the bigger scheme of it all. But when will you start leaning into trust and love in yourself so deep that for once the minds rollercoaster around the collective potential of polarizing concepts has a run without you?


I secretly believe That all trail and tribultion might just be meant to expirientially bring you home to the more silent space in your heart - after you've exhausted yourself in this cluster-fuck tug of war of self-conscious ideals mostly internalized from other peoples projections...

And maybe all this chasing your own tale around was here to bring you to this place of sincere surrender, where you can finally choose to listen in to what voice, if any, is really real to YOU in that moment, and what IT wants to truly do.

If you find this still spacious silence, the true self beneath the false voices.. fuckin chill. It‘s so eternally good!

And if you get too bored or antsy.. did you forget you are already the absolute Universe? Ok... now what do you wanna do? no- really...


Perhaps this inner voice wants to do what society might validate it as a good productive member for doing... we all have our reasons. There is no judgment.

Or maybe it wantsta get it's fuckin spiritual shit together and persevere towards it's purpose, FINALLY take the accountability to honor all those things it really knows it "should" be doing... and preferably because they're the things it's deeper heart, body, and wisdom sincerely DESIRES to be doing. For love, multi-dimensional health, and passion's sake. 😆

Or yummier! It might just wanna do nothing for a bit, and feel at total peace with it's booty rooting into the snugness of the earth. (Fuck yes to just being with earth) 🌎

If you’re like me, perhaps it may very well potentialy just wanna shake it's booty in strange ways.

Infact- it may wanna do things your old mind self never could have conceived based on it's old loopings or listening to other people's projected self-scrutiny.

Have you tried singing as of late?

...There's not a real way to fuck it up. 🤷‍♂️

No pressure. Just eternal permission :)

The time is always now to choose this moment, and wiggle forth into a new one not yet explored. Or surrender to timelesness. It's all the same.

Yes, every step takes you onto a new timeline- but none of it matters as much as you making the sovereign choice to know you can choose whatever. Not from fear or guilt. From sovereign self-honoring.

All roads lead to the same place; the center point of universal integration, where paradoxes collapse, and polarities are married in the pure liberation that was always already your very center..

Oh, and just in case you didn’t get the memo - you are loved already through it all, exactly for who you are, beneath all ideas of mistakes, performance, or self-concept.

Your exploration is innocent, pure, and brave- just for the fact you exist as a human being, and have chosen to step boldly into the mystery of another day on this wacky earth.

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. Play, discover, swing, leap, dance.

Take it serious if you want as well. This shit is infact REAL. But just remember that the more you calcify your assumptions on which polarity is more righteous, the easier it is lose sight of the absurd ineffabile shwirlyness of it all.

No pressure. Just eternal permission and possiblity.

Trust me- this universe is fuckin infinite. And so is it's love for you.

(and so is it's sense of compassionate humor, as you stumble through the terribly beautiful messiness of your expirience, forgetting you have been this loving universe all along) <3🙏

Have mercy on yourself.

(And don't be afraid to just dance)