Sacred Meme

Remember This is sacredness.

Forget the magic mirror of this world

Pierce with your Divine Sight through the ancient images Etched in the deepest caverns of the mountains of our collective mind

Life stories grander than a movie Passed down expirientially Yet twisted in telephone tag

Narrated by the arrogance of insecurity who is so sure it knows how high and other it is

From the Nature's magnificence

That they see only the darkest shadows on the land behind them, Uncomfortable faces around them, And lines of division beneath their feet

...Where there is only one Earth...


Amidst all the hollabaloo Of this side vs. that miscommunications

You are She who’s favorite thing Is to get to meet herself more deeply

Through intimacy With all multi-dimensional aspects Of the one Creator That You Are.

To serve You must learn to allow yourself To take joy in the value inherent In the undercurrent of your being

And devote to seeing through the ever-refining master-piece of your expression That was always secretly meant to unfold In simple, human beauty

The most fabulous thing on Earth even through what you judged for being "ugly" or a “mistake”.


To undergo the death of the self critic Is to truly inner-stand How God loves

Only something that infinite Could clearly reflect The multi-dimensionality

And simplest presence Translating the stil, small place of purity within us all

Through your uniquely Wholesome Blazing Expression.

Rise before your very own beauty which no instagram filter could capture the rippeling, raw radiance of.

To think otherwise And choose to complain is just ignorance

A brain box to soften into spaciousness.

Keep the focal Clear By declaring the beauty that is here.

This is

Turn on And turn up The brightness and saturation of self-validation

Tune in To the light projecting some dramatic and fear-inspiring televised program that is really just old news

onto the screen of endless new beginnings

Being is the bridge Between this world And that...

So enjoy this movie knowing that you are not just a character in the background following a script,

or a Hero on a high horse being chased by their need to perform And outdo their own shadow...

But You Are The Sacred Meme Itself.

That infamous glitch in the matrix That you just gotta expirience for yourself In order to see Reflected in the world around

Looking into your own eyes For one refreshing moment Of truly practicing Self Love

And making a team of the mind and heart Finding lovers Within spirit and the body

And discovering divinity In the intimacy of just being here


without an agenda to judge or sell you anything or project violent

But rather

Just fuckin adore you So innocently And silently

Taking in From perfect distance

The full spectrum view of this art project that you are.

this ol' wabi sabi kind of ordeal Of making magic out of a fucking mess

This little trickster spirit Hiding like a pebble the boot of the Universe Like a pea beneath many mattresses

And asks consensually in the most curiously humorous yet earnest way

with the offering of a hand or a hug or a question

To Awaken

the sun in the heart of grandchild Asking the shoulder of his fore-bearers deepest tensions His head rests alertly upon

An innocent inquiry of ultimate proportions...

This oldest question of "What's it like to be you?"

as the spirit of the wisest elder pokes through the flaming hands of pure zero point excitement

saying "wouldn't it be fun to remember?"

Time Traveler Soul precious brush stroke

Infinite Faces merging into only one way to go Expanding

As more Love Brilliance And the most casual receptivity of the most Gracious Surprise

There you are

In those moments of direct expirience meeting the fresh canvas of this new moment

and coloring the pathway Between dark And light

How is the Art of Living desiring to uniquely blossom through you?

It's tricky - yeah, I know.

The kinks and the walls That we thought divided us

and the cosmic slaps in the face to show us that all this is shared

And that karma is only what we choose to make of it

Until we learn To just let it be

That humbling

demanding nothing from us besides that we get over all we've reached for

And dig down into the Earth into this underground network of roots arms stretched To be Kissed by angels

And pinched by percieved demons that seem to ask you to shut yourself down

But in their hearts are really translating as best they can

the inspiration of their own inner child wanting to see

What you are creating using the compost shit this world has happened to offered us to work with

So awkwardly Yet undeniable Magnificent for so many reason

to noble to name

Though I do wonder What it would be like for you to share Foreal

What's alive For now

What was magical Back than

And what is life calling you forth into To find more of you within now?

Forget the world Of high school students who were suddenly asked to pretend to know

What it means to grow up

And come down into a squat to bounce with a child And really listen...

Letting them inspire One of those bursting "Yay" type expressions

And finding fun in more of the empty spaces In between the last step And the next one we think we know

As we look for the railing In this open field of real life play ground.

Ceremonially grieving Meditating And finding the words to reflect Honor

To respect feeling

And abandon our masks Unveiling the divine keys and deeper meaning behind these empty joys we knew as kids

that became full of worrys that began to weigh down our Hop Skip and a jump

into the feeling of a foot At one with the earth

Where you are welcome In whatever it is that comes to visit

We have a compost toilet Please, Bless this space

With your relaxed body Moving intuitively Speaking fluently

A golden language called


Unlocking the gateways to wide-open heavens Who's key most be excavated From the tightest recesses of the sickest hell

Just know, You are not alone.

This shit is our ancestors.. This shit of the bullshit culture's we've grown up in

And the shit we've confused to be anywhere outside of us.

Metabolize. Digest. Root in. Process

But don't hold on too tight Forgetting it was only that which forgot it was never ours to begin with

Give it to the wind When she begins to whisper And sing

And howl at you That you have the power to celebrate All the pieces You thought once could defend And define you

But only caused you to shatter Like 10,000 pieces

Of dove winged Confetti

A birthday party at the park A fort for the homies A bad dream to wake up out of

An exploration of the mystery of existence through the liminal dream space of the meaningless fireworks of our infinite imagination


It's amazing to explore How creative our unconscious is

How Super Intelligent The cosmos are

As we realize the light in our eyes to be the same star dust that animates our deepest dance

With the storys and feelings and experiences of ineffible diversity And potential stored

In the rainbow cosmic library of each of our unique DNA

And highest potentiated Blue print

Waiting to come through As something so new so now

it's never been anywhere else

Something so precise In the grounded process of it's growth

There is no way around it No good reason found To denie the sweetness Of such organic fruits

Don't listen too much, to what the voices of "should" or "shouldn't" have to say...

They are just as afraid of you.

Don't mind the madness Rather, let your body be the answer to the stillest smallest voice that Roars like wild noise

Animal Praying Preying Consuming Creating

If you listen To what the song This DJ called G O D ess is

playin Nama stayin in bed I'm a cosmic egg She's laying

Awakening out of the perception that there is anything other than the love of a true king And queen with nothing

but good to bring

their own sacred stream Joined as a team A dream

Finally Here

Through the pavement and screens Seeds cracking for harvest and spring

No dragon slayin Learned to let the sword come down and descend Enter the den As we fly like the wind through a flaming ring

Though commitment to marry oneself And be loving One with the whole thing

Through burning any learned concept of sin Collapsed within

We dig in deeper To discover there's just us And no "them"

In this group hug circle of friends Here you are Sovereign.

Somewhere inside Theres freedom in your longing

There are hands to hold And new songs to learn we can sing


We are a relentlessly deep love That is always asking more of us

Reminding us to take it more easy To learn to gently ride the rivoting wave of more love here again

A new story being written

An ancient curse being broken Giving power a bad name

A divine will written In the release of any magical story of someone to save us

And remind us of the remembrance that we are here to know

And have the holy task of relaying through whatever cracking smile

Or concrete plated heart Or eyes turned down Head flown off away

Over the top Under the weather

Undless cycles Of explosive ways

And swings back

Until the storm is so strong and life finally blows us away


To find the center That was on the other side Of the nearest edge

To poke Play with And wrestle

And then let go of Wiggle away

Send a prayer Hold space Speak Grattitude

Bless with love Shower with care Honor

by honoring yourself Celebrating in secret

that behind ever ear

and within whatever closed palm that opens up to reveal a finger pointing in every direction

Like a lotus flower Blooming through you

Pedals endlessly Infinitely Unfolding.

This is not an exageration.

you are that fuckin outrageously ridiculously silly

and strong

With the momentum of trillions of years back to the beginning of time As the focal point center Where all of eternity is concentrated Into a ball The size of a hand

A make shift telescope A capturing the moment With attention

With an awareness Of awareness That released any hold

on any thought That thought there was an "other".

There are no fuck ups

We live, and endlessly learn In circles

As ancient Ancestral constellatoins And outdate loops Collapse any sense Anywhere but here Now.


What do you wish to create now?

What is seeking to be created through you?

What's it like to be the Unique expression of creation that you are?

A dear friend who commited suicide, left a hand-made journal for me when we first parted ways within which she wrote the question on the first page:

"What does it feel like to be you?"

My answer to that Right now Is to be the living invitation