The Determining Factor for Creating Heaven on Earth

Updated: Mar 31

Whether you see it through the lens of boring old Jadedness - or radically awake Optimism - we are shifting into a New Age.

The only way the very systems you are afraid may have too much power can truly be that powerful, is when they have convinced you that you are not.

The determining factor via which we either let this opportunity for a Quantum Leap in human evolution slip through our fingers, or synchronize with the manifestation of a co-creative Heaven on Earth, is in our clear seeing of how Limitless our Creative Power and Influence is, when Courageously Blossomed forth.

Without Excuses.

This is Key.

Culture is created by Human Individuals.

Especially so, by the ones who realize this. Those who release their stories of how confining reality is, in exchange for the knowing that creativity is designed to blossom beyond all past confines, find that the only limitations are our conditioned fears, doubts, and excuses. Then all there really is to ask ourselves is:

If I remembered how much I matter, as a channel for the whole, how big would I dream?

How could I unify my brain, heart, and mind - and where would I focus my genius, in creative coherence with my highest joys and deep love life?

The more excuses we have for how limited we are in our ability to effect reality - the more we disrespect ourselves as expressions of an infinitely expanding universe, and repress the unfoldment of a world more miraculous than any of us can imagine.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”Steve Jobs.

The old world is dead.

Our level of our immediately courageous acting, no-fucks-given limitless envisioning, and radically optimistic faith-keeping into the follow through will be the sole determiner of our ability to create the New.

The New that is already bursting through us, and that it is only our conditioned cynicism and apathy that creates the inorganic resistance that with-holds the full actualization of.

Each of us is powerful beyond belief.

For we are not these separate personalities - we are a vessels through which the whole of Nature is flower into higher states of symbiotic emergence, harmony, and wholeness.

The shift that Life is demanding of those of us who desire to see a world more loving, beautiful, and sane then we've ever known - is to know that it WILL be created through us, as we take the responsibility to allow ourselves to Dream, Live, and Create THAT BIG, starting with the gardens we blue print and seeds we plant and water today.

Got a Dream?

Act with the knowing that all of creation is designed to Infinitely Expand through you - beyond what you, or anyone ever knew was possible.

Let your Dreams envelop the whole World beyond your most ignorant perception of limitation - and know that is this Love that is dreaming through You, As You.

For the Awakening of Infinity - here on Earth, now.

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