The Light Warriors Peace

Here is an affirmation to read out loud to oneself that I wrote a few years ago.

It came through during a time where I found myself blocking my own peace due to feeling overly responsible for the ultimate peace of others, and guilty and defeated about not feeling like I could show up for them the way i wanted to.

We carry so much love in our hearts, but it is difficult to access it and share it with others if we do not give ourselves the right to recieve it first.

If you like me could use the permission for your innocent heart to remember how valued and loved and affirmed it is on the truest Universal level – I offer you:

The Light Warriors Peace

“I am doing ok, I am doing just fine. And so it is, as there’s nothing to make it not so but my mind.

As all that is, i am worthy of knowing true peace. And cuz there’s nothing else to hold, i allow myself to release.

I am doing amazing; i am my inner most intention To heal and to hold, to be goodnesses extension.

To radiate love, so nothing less may shine through; Because that is what i am, that is all i could ever do.

Whether i know it or not, whether felt or understood, I am doing more than just fine, and more then just good.

And because there is nothing less my heart wishes for you, I allow myself to feel everything you should, too.”

May all hearts be at rest, knowing their deepest intentions to be love create an inexplicable impact upon this earth, even if it is not always obvious to realize, and may they remember that they are now, forever, and always have been, more then enough.

Peace be with you.


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