UNFXCKWITHABILITY | From Child-Hood Trauma to Sovereign Global Change

Updated: Mar 22

To access the Full Creative Power to effect ground-beaking change in this world while simultaneously mastering our personal life's, we must first see how much of our energy we are unconsciously leaking to our idea of "others" due to a lack of utter self-acceptance.

There is a beautiful sensitivity awakening within Humanity at this time - and with that an exacerbation of our repressed wounds and heart-aches, which the ego than flares up and tightens above in order to try to cover up it's underlying deeply ingrained insecurity.

While this has resulted on the surface as an air of polarized tension and conflict in the realms of identity politics, on a deeper level the Collective Heart is awakening to it's Power to stand up in our Unity as a people to repair and heal the pain of perceived separateness beneath our deepest attacks and defenses from each other - as a team. As all the blockages to our Peace where we are still unconsciously harming ourselves come up to seen and worked through at this time - the greatest revelation is that we don't have to play the same War Games and Violent Loops of Defense vs. Offense with each other, and can help humanity transition into a Cooperative Collective Condition rooted in Individual Empowerment.

In order to do this however, we must firstly make Peace with and end the fights within - where we think we must defends ourselves from some world "out there", but are ironically only making ourselves more vulnerable to distraction from the remembrance of what we've always been, and the world can never touch ~ the Unfuckwithable Self.

Often, the heart-warriors seeking to stand up and fight for a world that accepts all people and identities, are tripping up their efficiency through projecting unhealed filters from times where they felt dishonored in their child-hoods onto their adult life. What this does is create a never-ending battle where one is constantly trying to maintain a sense of security through managing the perceptions of the external world. This no longer becomes relevant, practical, or beneficial as an Adult - as we are tasked to shift from emotional co-dependency, to Spiritual Self-responsibility.

In a global socio-sphere where violence is ingrained into our social constructs through the glamorization of hierarchal Win vs. Lose Power Dynamics, this unconsciously bleeds into our relationship with ourselves, and thus with the world. Many then grow up feeling a need to defend themselves from externally projected insecurities such as Judgments: as they initially feel like attacks on our deeper nature, due to dishonoring our vaster Sovereign Truth. Of course, this violence can be physically even more scarring - but violence can be also subtle, yet still powerful, as unprocessed emotions are expressed through intimidation. Unfortunately, we then create whole personalities based on the need to realize our Untouchable Greatness - although through egoicly inflated house of cards personality that others can approve of ... which means it is essentially unreal, and thus weak. Any identity that can be exalted, and also threatened simply by how another sees or speaks to one, can and will get knocked over to reveal its faultiness. To see that no outside perception can ever fulfill or replace our need to know our Unconditionally Sovereign Essence, is access the responsibility and free agency to live out and project forth a world that reflects this authentic Empowerment - no matter what others are creating around you.

Through it all, always lies a deeper Self beneath the mind that is undefinable, and thus unthreatened by any mental perception... even remaining despite all compromises of physical phenomena.

But we cannot access this embodied knowing when our Ego is on constant alert to fight or flight, to defend it's illusory overcompensation. Then energy get's wasted - like a dog chasing it's own tail, and we have already lost the game. This game of Offense vs. Defense, which can't be won when we’re actually all on the same team... and the only enemy is the belief that there is anything separate, which validates the self-perpetuating perception of lack and limitation we try overcompensate for.

Sometimes, where we think we're empowering ourselves, we are actually unconsciously dissociating or closing our hearts off to ourselves and thus the world - which is why the truest strength within this world is a humbling acceptance before our vulnerable need for Love, which when met fully manifests as a strength known as "Sovereignty".

As we learn to accept ourselves, we learn to weed out the voices in our head that we have learned to take as external objective truth, and then our own subjective truth - without even noticing it. These thoughts get stored in our unconscious, and then when others expressions "trigger" us, they are touching a deeper place we haven't yet been empowered to see and revere in it's wholeness. The whole game is to allow these triggers to notify us of see where we still have mental hooks that may potentially be looping us from actualizing our souls potential, beyond our fears of what others may think.

I recently heard the great Oren Harris talk in a video about the idea of "Not giving a fuck, while still keeping one's heart open to the world." which is another way of seeing what new empowered standards are called for today.

Not Giving a Fuck is the art of taking people off the hook for determining how we feel about ourselves based on how they perceive us (which we can never truly know, and is an ever dynamic reflection of their own unique conditioning). This simultaneously empowers us to be more effective, empty, and sincere channels to serve The Whole as it seeks to Authentically Express through us - and remember our blossoming nature's as Unconditional Love (beyond the limiting ideas of "what if they don't love me back?").

As we realize only we can ever reject or abandon ourselves - there will no longer be a perceived need to harm or take from others rights to know themselves in sovereign love.

In realizing that there is nothing but ourselves, we will together raise a humanity that will be so satiated with it’s deeper, impenetrable nature - that our dormant soul energy will be used to create from, rather then be wasted trying to fight an external world through the building of identities which only more deeply neglect our deeper Selves.

There is a beauty and necessity in vulnerability - which is actually part of the alchemy of realizing our un-offendability, as we learn to open our hearts and let any part that fears it is broken see the light upon it’s natural process of being integrated into remembered wholeness through our transparent expression.

This vulnerability is a reclamation of the parts within us that it once seemed safer to hide, and a declaration that although we were once traumatized by an insecure culture - the responsibility is our own to heal the all-to-familiar subtle games of Attack and Defense, and protect ourselves from our own self-harming thoughts through realizing our Radiant Essence as Life itself. 

When there's nothing to prove - there's everything to become. When there's nothing to hold up and we are emptied and freed of our belief in our smallness, is when we may actualize our deeper, glorious nature as vessels for all the infinite, radiant magnificence we already Truly are.

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