We Look Silly

We look silly.

The sillyness is that we’re looking at the world as if it’s divided.

If you’re reallyyy lookin though, we lookin right about all in this ish together yall.

When we point at “them” for being in the illusion of division, we are the ones falling into the illusion of division.

We don’t remember our unity by othering those of Us who seemed to have forgotten.

That's giving power to that false paradigm.

It’s like looking at light refracting into a rainbow prism (diverse humans w/ diverse ethnicitys, cultures and beliefs - some of them believing themselves to be divided from the rest ) and saying the colors look divided.

To see things clearly, we must see with a birds eye view, through Universal eyes, to see that all things are interconnected - no matter how separated they believe themselves to be.

We manifest a world that reflects this vision through remembering that in all moments, all things and dynamics are but plays which the all unifying light is dancing in contrasting color through.

That there is no Red without Violet.

The illusory play of division is a part of the oneness.






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