We Need You

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Take care of yourself.

Give yourself Space to remember the simplicity of your being.

Clear your energy.

Claim your sovereignty.

Celebrate the gift of Life.

Shower yourself with Love.

Do it for Humanity...

We need you well-regulated, healthy, and thriving for the Evolution... into becoming true, embodied Human Beings, rather then dissociated Human Doings.

If we are constantly externally doing in order to resolve our state of being, we will continue to abandon the deeper medicine of the presence that will transform the unconscious shadows of our species.

Yes - show up in this world riding the dragon of your heart fire towards where love calls you.

Just make sure you are hydrating yourself with the spiritual juice of love for yourself, through which your state of wellness allows you to emanate your fullest medicine, rather then leave yourself burnt out and detached from the deeper ocean of your holistic power.

If your service come’s from a place of lack, shame, or fear, and therefor depletes, rather then authentically activates and inspires - then it is still bypassing the underlying mechanism of Unity Consciousness - which reveals that there is no world “out there”, seperate from the Self.

It is this basic belief in seperation that has caused humanity to “other” the world, and bypass the self-responsibility to remember inner-peace, while attempting to take from and do harm onto others. But freedom is never found "out there". It is always claimed within, and infused into every step we take to project a world that reflects this unwavering anchoring of Truth.

Via the Morphogenetic field - your contribution to the healing of the collective is therefor equivalent to the amount of love you give yourself, after millennia of distorted behavior based on trauma-fueled self-harm, neglect, and disconnect.

In returning to your Natural state of Sovereignty, you create the space for the solution to flow through you, as you - by inhabiting a resonant state of consciousness, rather than the fragmented one from which the problems were created. From here, the contribution of your presence is so much more potent for effecting ripples of Love, which is the central agent for all sincere Truth and Progressive Change.

*** Giving permission to disengage from social media / the collective mind is essential for this. ***

We’re not biologically designed, initially, to take in more stimuli and information then is in our immediate physical reality. It’s beautiful and essential to our evolution that we get to be all around the world, empathizing with so many near and far - but it can also be counter-productively unhealthy, if we continue to allow ourselves to feel victimized by the overwhelm of a collective’s frazzled, triggered state - and therefor unable to show up in our full clarity and radiance.

There is a process happening of allowing all of humanities repressed feelings through, and learning to consciously express them, while also learning to self-regulate in a way that brings true clearance to these ancestral traumas at their source of fragmentation, within us - rather then allow these triggers to loop us into burn out.

Perhaps the most effective and fundamental ways to serve as the resolution to humanities projected inner-violence, is to create space to soften our nervous system, own our well-being, and be the eye of the storm - embodying evolutionary peace from within; the only place it will ultimately ever be experienced, or transmitted from.

May we all grant ourselves the grace to embody this new way of empowerment and care - that is our natural birthrights and destiny to reflect as a possibility to the collective.

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