Why Teenagers are Right

it's about the kids. it's about the teenagers.

These are the most tender times of our life's, which shape our beliefs about ourselves and the world. Which encourage us to either believe our authentic inner-selfs have a space to explore their expression in this world, or should be hidden and neglected in exchange for tribal acceptance.

This is why teenagers must know, ALL of them is accepted, needed, and valued, exactly as they are.

My teenage years traumatized me. I am still healing.

There was no conversation about mental health at the time. No one was talking about depression or anxiety. Everyone was still pretending it's all good. Still suppressing. Still bypassing. Still doing anything to go along with the status quo and fit into the mold set up for them. Anything not to fall into the existential depths of self-inquiry, confusion, and isolation (waiting beneath the superficial culture of goal-oriented, appearance-driven social validation) which my inability to conform forced me into.

Then, 9 teen suicides happened over the span of a few years in my hometown.

By this time, I was still a teenager. But I found an alternative schooling program that could serve as a rehab of sorts, through giving me the space, honor, and support to start to focus on what was truly good for me.

My journey of feeling alone, misunderstood, and unfit for this world, served me into coming face to face with my inner darkness and despair, and thus eventually learning to meet my soul in the ways no one else could. This empowered me to go against the other voices' expectations, and to seek true inner peace above external validation: through meditation, self-love, creative freedom, and radical exploration of life via dance and celebration.

It was clear to me: the culture that brings up our students is authoritatively governed and handed down by adults who have no true relationship with their souls, nor their inner-child/inner-teenager. It is a cycle of unconscious projection of suppression of the human spirit.

Everything changed when I surrendered any last hope to give into the pressure to preform at the pace that my body, heart, and soul simply couldn't, doing things that didn't actually excite me.

I realized that the only hope I had in this life, was to live a life fully true to me, and using my creative expression as a medium to reach those in my position, who didn't feel seen, have the wisdom to give rest to their woes, not the knowledge that they were not alone- and that it's HEALTHY and NORMAL to feel fucked up in a fucked up culture.

Still, I am here to be that voice. I have a deep driving vision to find my way to the hearts of teenagers today, to let them know that it's not THEM. It's this broken, blinded culture.

To give them permission to love themselves. To know there's infinite other ways.

And to trust in their hearts impulses to break free and take life back into their hands, to creatively restructure a culture that truly serves the expansion of the human spirit, rather then tries to define it.

This is the time in human development when ones energy and creativity is most fresh and excited to soar and find what forms through it's exploration without inhibition. We must value the importance of this for the evolution of our species and expression of it's heart for what it is.

We need these teenagers to be healthy, happy, and free. We need them to know what is possible. That their intuitive feelings and desires are codes for a new way of living on earth that they are here to lead.

Let us show up for them in this way.

Let us listen.

Let us honor.

Let us love.

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