Yes ~ YOU!

There's something ineffible about you.

And by you I mean the Infinite manifested as a human delving into the unknown through the ring-of-fire of 2020.

Good fuckin work.


It's amazing. Horrible. An incredibly complex paradoxical play. So damn simple, we keep barely missing it By looking too hard for something.

It's everywhere.

Don't mind the distractions. Everything's here to support you Celebrating your expression Playing with you

Hide and Seek Endless phone tag

The One trying to best communicate itself through the many.

All we need is Love to get the message. And the wifi password.

My gospel is the space in between your comment and the person you’re hashing it out with.

Thank God for these Emoji's. So cool and fun, aren't they?

Google, Facebook, Youtube - oh my! We're like space explorers of endless akashic portals. Ancient Alien Astronauts on an Earth Squad mission to save this planet.

Just testing out our interdimensional imaginative powers through these augmented realities we’re weaving...

Do we realize how cool it is to be pioneering this new way? Or are have become too cool to notice?

Maybe we're just so busy fighting like the badass warriors that we are That we forgot to care about the peace And that we needn’t justify our own joy.

I'm so privileged

to be able to see that You are so beautiful. and feel how we are so sweet. And most importantly remember That this is so funny.

And also when it's not.

There's so much that needs to be done!

It's time to get our shit together.

And by that I mean it's time for me to take responsibility for my own shit.

And step the fuck away from the computer Lift my head above these psychic EMF seas i’m swimming in And find safety In really just giving myself space to fuckin' dance.

Softening into my wildness

It’s not a show It’s a disapearance

Which can only be seen for what it is When there is nothing No one But the seer.

But before I go...

My heart and ego insisted on making you this alchemical concoction And told me to tell you I was "channeling some medicine" And gather the audacity to "give you permission" to ask your "sovereign" "self"...

With all the world trying to figure out what's happening... or find connection... or feel that thing... in this swamp of a facebook feed

Do you know what you're looking for?

Do you know that if you really admitted your lack of satisfaction with all this, that you might actually create the space to find it?

Look, I'm exhausted watching you exhaust yourself watching them exhaust themselves forgetting it's only us here chasing our own tails

I don't think we can keep looking to the world to tell us what's what or make us feel "caught up to date". or validate our needs to feel safe, loved, and honored.

Cuz a little birdie told me All these serious systems are just a bunch of silly humans seeking the exact same things While being too afraid to just ask nicely...

And by silly humans I mean chickens with their heads cut off.

I mean literal Divine Deities. Preparing to graduate from Day Care... Who just don't even know what it means Or what it could possibly feel like to go to the next level.

Soon enough We will realize It's now.

That from the perspective of the winged ones hanging down from the higher dimensions Heaven is the Earth

And that for the shaman in the cave cooking bat soup The true Ground of practicality is the open Sky

And that the best healing most beautiful sunrise and epic adventure Only happens thanks to the darkest of times.

May the white light of these screens purify all the lost minds seeking refuge within the unity code of this algorithmic tantric shadow dance between Artifical Intelligence and Angelic Intuition.

May my presence serve as DJ for these wandering minds to feel met in the space to descend down into their bodies

And be struck by lightning thanks to their inevitable inquiry into what the fuck is really going on here Under the stars within the soul-food desert of their mental land-scape

While bowing down in child's pose in the middle of a grocery store to this temple that this body is With windows Boarded Up

And an inner-police department burning With the man

To find the silent place from where people with all the right answers are no longer that sexy.

And unveil the nakedness behind the fabricated masks and costumes. May they see themselves better through the mirror I hold up than they could otherwise knowing this world as an art project on the canvas of their consciousness And learning to kick back and fully fuckin enjoy the show.

And may I come from that place where I understand what it means to have my own body Remember my legs Learn what this Breathe thing is all about

And humble myself before my own hypocrisy while continuing to smile in agony making dragon faces at the trippiness of my own reflection To laugh my demons away

As i foolishly scrawl on the bathroom stall the highest knowledge that "We are The Sun" Incase there is a black out tomorrow.

And as I spill the beans of what the Earth is singing to all who's ears are dancing with little enough thoughts in between them and who are close enough to her to truly hear...

So by the way, I thought I should tell you Life is happening now

Incase I die tomorrow

and these seeds of story make my soul face palm itself so hard for having with-held that I come crashing back down to earth and fail to see from that higher view what Eden would look like if we don't fuck it up this time

as well as the rave that would be had in my name in the forest I have become.

Please - I volunteer my arrogance as the sacrificial lamb for a fruitarian world.

May the snakes swallow me whole

As karmic punishment salvation for killing that bug in the room and blaming it on my righteousness as the center of the circle of life.

May the void make a home of my body.

Frack me of the black goo within me.

And remind me I am so late to the party, I am hardly even a fossil - infact, never even existed! Have been on the “other side” all along.

Along with the old world that convinced us we were anything less then the One True Light

Dreaming that there is an “other side”. An “other party”.

Each of us alone in our bedrooms.

Yet partying with it all.

And you’re the life of the party!

Just for 5 fuckin' minutes - put the computer away and actually Feel this groove awakening through you.

And you will discover in every microsmic movement infinity waiting for you there Quenching your thirst for infinite consumption With the divine nectar of your own virgin spirit.

Endlessly eating your own tail dying and rebirthing As the christ In 8 billion different forms.

Actually LOOK! Wipe the boogers off of your sleeping Cells Stretch that DNA and Yawn these winds of change Vacuuming the dusty corners of your consciousness Retracting your tentacles from Fear-Porn disguised as Romance

And remember these chords were meant to be Roots. Played from the Heart Strongs Leying Story Lines to Rest ...

The Earth begs you