You can say there's no "New Age", or you can create it with me.

Updated: Mar 31

You can try to say there’s no “New Age of Enlightenment” happening...

or see that life is what we say it is, and thus create it as

and that a lot of people are seeing and choosing to create a new reality

that you can join too.

If you wanna be all jaded and cynical about it, that’s cool

that’ll just be the world you live in

falling under the same spell that other jaded adults probably suffocated your soul with somewhere down the line.

Reality is not what the world thinks it is, until it remembers that reality is what it thinks it is.

We can either try to think “realistically” and fall under the weight of what other people have thought reality is,

or actually get real

and realize that we get to create a reality free from that spell of disempowerment

based on what we believe reality is allowing.

Hint - reality is Infinite.

The more of us believe something, the more it comes into being.

Peace, Love, and Enlightenment are not such fuckin' far out, crazy, naive concepts to stretch for. They're closer and realer to our cores than practically anything else. Confronted by the conditioning of an idea of a world we've generated based on the perceptions of seperation...

Through the wisdom of expirience after these eras of trial and error, we're designed to eventually figure it out. That's why none of this other fighting, dehumanizing, apathetic shit is working.

That's why humans will keep trying to control and fight one another

and groups will keep revolutionizing,

until we're done revolving into more systems of duality

and decide we're ready to actually Evolve into sovereign cooperation

once and for all.

As nature continues to go through it's cycles of trial and error through us

there does come a point of actual insight (in this so called "age of information")

that we ARE nature

and will keep fucking ourselves over and suffering until we get with the program

that we are DESIGNED to live in unity, harmony, etc. with the rest of the ocean of life

we are just a drop in.

It's happened to many liberated individuals throughout history, and it's the destiny of that seed of remembered unity to spread into the collective embodiment of it's experiential purpose.

That's why literally every attempt to live while compromising this profound potential sucks so bad... Because we're literally short-circuiting and bypassing our deeper power and expression. Though we're learning.

The moment we stop pointing our fingers outside and blaming the world for not getting anywhere productive

and start going within to remember our unbound

unified nature that the world seems to have forgotten...

the more "real" we get

the deeper this realization manifests in the world.

Yeah, don't wait for some "new age" to do the work for you, cuz it won't.

But also don't pretend like there's not a "new age" right here right now,

which is just a phrase to remind us that that can indeed be our reality

as soon as we let go of our victimhood to the Old.

So if you think were in a “New Age” where we will all one day be supported in our self-realization

that’s exactly what you’ll one day expirience

because that’s the perceptual context of the world you’ll be creating...

Right there along with all the other millions of souls in the world that are just too tired and bored of the shitty stories of separation, victimhood, lack, and limitation to keep waiting, complaining, or sitting back and making excuses for why things will never get better.

If you wanna choose to actually empower yourself to create a world based on the conscious foundations of love, peace, and abundance - there’s a shit ton of people already doing it! The more are in on it, the more it happens. All it takes is more people being in on it - as it's literally designed to be the easiest, most natural and properly functioning situation; a fundamentally interconnected collective actually working in unified intent to serve the whole...

The more we believe it has to stay in Burning Man, at a retreat, at a festival, at a concert, on ecstasy or psychedelics, in the bedroom with the best sex ever, in our deepest meditation, in our best friend - and can never translate out to the world... the more we lose touch with what the world is fucking shake us awake to remember right now.

We are the world.