Adionai is a devoted steward paving the leading edge of the new evolutionary wave of culture and consciousness. As a natural creator, they transparently unfold their journey of self realization and healing through a full-spectrum of artistic mediums, reaching from and to something deeply profound - yet refreshingly accessible and necessary for these shifting times. Serving as a grounding beacon and integrative bridge for wide-reaching 

dimensions, Adionai illuminates a clear vision that unlocks the deeper unconsciousness of our fully embodied potential, as a reminder of our liberated nature and blossoming destiny.

Dancing the mystery with deep, subtle awareness, they facilitate authentic transformational experiences to welcome the whole self in the love through which a unified world is realized.






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As our cultural conditions continue to crumble all around us,  while things can seem daunting when looking outside - in looking within, we can see that life is granting us the perfect opening within which to remember true, lasting home in our Hearts. Only from this raw, humbling dive beneath our illusory mental walls of protection and control over lifes Mystery, can we free the shared shadow of our collective traumas, rooted in a false sense of separation. Rather, through realizing commonality and courage in the tender space of love in between old identities, we remember our undefinable, infinite essence as sovereign beings within a deeper unified reality.


Each of us must go in to meet our core sense of disconnect from Self, Nature, and One Another during this time - through which we uncover the innate wholeness of our sacred part in humanities healing and blossoming out of ages of soul suppression. This rebirth won't be easy, but nothing is harder than holding onto the old constructs falling away - that were never real to begin with. In learning to consciously meet ourselves, we co-create a New Earth Culture that fully and finally holds, supports & celebrates our true, limitless natures. The time is now.


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  • Integral Reflections in a pure space held for the raw Blossoming Being


Dec 03, 2020, 6:30 PM

Spiritual Life and Business Coach

"It never ceases to amaze me how empowered, clear, and fueled I feel after working with Adionai. He’s the perfect mirror for me because he sees right through the chaos & distortion that keeps me clouded and looping in my karmic patterns. Every time I feel the slightest defeat or am stuck in some toxic thought, his strong channel comes through; knowing exactly what I need to hear. It’s through his guidance that I receive the exact medicine to better navigate the evolution of my life. So grateful for this radiant divine masculine!"

"As I become more mature, I see how conditional of a species we are in our businesses and life - but when time calls for a change, some people take the baton and run as fast as they can towards God and share everything they learn with our people. One of those leaders is Adionai. He is one of the most unconditional and compassionate lovers; a pure divine embodiment of God. He helps me believe in myself more, which helps me see more of my potential and love myself for all of me. And that’s the greatest gift one can share: helping another love themselves more."


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