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While growing up feeling estranged and unable to express his soul in this world, Music was the only thing that truly made sense. As the foundational pillar of his heart's passion growing up, song unexpectedly began to channel through him hand-in-hand with the massive mystic openings that would reveal his purpose on earth being to guide listeners back to their hearts through this Music - as not only the most essential practice for his personal actualization, but also the most powerful medium with which to harmonize with life's deeper nature – and serve the world in this experiential return.

Playing Drums, Guitar, Piano, and Beatbox -and spiraling through everything from Rap, Ethno-Electronic, Indie Rock, Sound Healing, or their unique branch of 'Alternative Medicine Music' ...

 Adionai is a true voice for spirit. Transmitting raw feeling from the depths of the collective soul via hypnotic melodies and authentically awake lyrics that weave dimensions and energetic bridges, Adionai channels anthems for a New Age - holding the portal open to an Earth wherein every part of us is, and always has been held as a vital, sacred, and celebrated part of the greater song circle of our shared human love story.

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Conscious DJ 

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Rooted in a lifestyle that integrates music and movement as essential spiritual practices, Adionai make his way through Ecstatic Dances and Festivals, infusing live hand-drumming as well as channeled shamanic vocals & guidance into his sets.


With a style that holds space for today's global convergence with a gentle touch, yet deep drive – authentic textures from different languages, continents, and traditions are summoned; weaving past and future together through slow, steady electronic beats, sacred chants, and conscious lyrics to call listeners back into their bodies, to be moved by their Soul.


With a mission to ground the collective soul, Adionai see’s the dancing container as a ceremonial space through which transformation by authentic feeling and presence opens the channels for the embodied lifestyle that activates individuals and unifies our collective into our fullest freedom on dance-floor Earth.

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