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Leah Schoenberg

"Adionai is the expansive soul essence of a giant lion spirit that loves everyone and everything. They have a warm and fierce commitment towards all that it means to be a multi-dimensional human, and to connect with people in a way that’s healing and evolutionary. Their perspectives and art feel like a big ball of love that make me think about things I've never thought about before. Through their humbling willingness to show up, they demonstrate this really pure, raw, vulnerable unraveling of everything we’ve been conditioned to believe we have to be, or not to be as human - and how we can continue to show up lovingly. Adionai is committed to their evolution in a full way that’s inspiring everyone to do the same; and not just for us, but for everyone in the world."

Transformational Guide & Womb Worker


"While I was sweating (sweat lodge) last night, it became evident to me that I was in the exact place I needed to be in that moment. I slept better than I have in years and woke up almost two hours earlier than I had intended feeling invigorated and motivated. Having not had the capacity for practice over the last 9 months, I am once again reminded what it means to love myself deeper, express myself fully, and embody my truest and highest nature. Thank you for all of your hearts expressions and for reminding me that I am supported and witnessed along this path to growth."

Gavan Brashears


"Adama came into my life when I needed an awakened heart to see my awakening heart in it’s infinite nature. Every-time we connect with intention I am mirrored the path to my clearest and most sovereign integrated expression. A session with Adama is a blessing because they do the work of loving the most vulnerable parts of their-self . I know this because at my most vulnerable their holistic reflection helped me tenderly gather up fragmented pieces of my soul and create an ever more present and unified self."



Celesete Rajczi

"In the time that I've known Adionai, I feel as though the remembrance of my own true nature as unconditional love has accelerated exponentially. His poetic choice of words and authentic self-expression have inspired me to embrace the full spectrum of my humanity, and find divinity in the seemingly ordinary. He is a consistent example to his community that we are free to create a new world founded upon the principles of love, beauty, peace, creativity, celebration, and heartfelt devotion to one another. His songs guide you home to the power of your own heart. His words inspire you to feel safe and accepted exactly as you are. His presence will reflect back to you your own sovereignty and limitless capacity for love. I'm grateful for everything that he embodies and continues to become. If you feel drawn to work with him in any capacity, this man has a heart of gold and his offerings will remind you of the same truth inside yourself."

Life Coach & Entrepeneur

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Josiah Ennis

"In difficult times, you inspire me so, so much. Your words, your prayers, your music, they have been like sanctuaries for me when I need to return to my center... a beautiful beckoning home....


Thank you, wholeheartedly, for sharing so openly & purely."

"I trust Adionai’s heart, vision, and depth of service to catalyze authentic connection with humanity, nature, and spirit.


Whatever he creates, I know it will be infused with his devotion to the sacredness within all life."

"The honor I have felt from you is so empowering. You help bring out the best in me. You are such a strong individual, firmly grounded in what you know to be your existence, which is one of great respect for the earth and for all beings. Of great wisdom and knowledge of spiritual things. Of great purpose, intention, and seed."


Kalina Sawyer

Benyamin Ross


Shayna Gladstone

Earth-rooted Business Coach & Facilitator

"Adionai guided me into the cave of my heart which revealed to me, myself, buried inside beneath the earth. Through Adionai's guidance I was able to see through a process of guided imagery, how and why my heart has been closed. Through intuitive questioning, he supported me in unburying myself, and finding an opening to the cave. I found myself in my own magical queendom of my open heart, as I sat perched on the edge of my cave. The gatekeeper of the door to my heart, I sat sovereign and peaceful, ready to receive the beings that wanted to come inside. I was guided by Adionai to help me open my heart through deep imagary! Wow!  I'm grateful to Adionai for his ability to become a powerful channel for the right guidance for the moment!"


"Adionai is an amazing light sharer in this world. His wisdom and compassion have greatly aided in my spiritual path. He has been great for reflection in helping me peel back the layers of my intentions and motivations. I always feel better after a session with Adi."

U.S. Army Soldier



RYT200 Yoga Teacher


"I had a session with Adionai and it was soo, soo helpful. His deep presence supports with compassion and clarity. Like a big cosmic hug. Highly recommend!"

Shamanic Therapist



Multidimensional music class

Rez Kahn


Jada Pinkstone

“You are the spark of inspiration that reminded me to rekindle my love of life; taking me from a life of egoitsm and projection, to reflection of the eternal.”

"Thank you for sharing and gifting your words that communicate the purity of all we are here to ascend to. I am drawn and absorbed into your writings because of the resonance it holds to my true self. Thank you so much for bringing forth words with absolute clarity."

"Your souls expression moves me. When I read your words, my heart breaks in the elated familiarity of the Spirit that courses through each of us. Thank you for crossing my path and leaving bread crumbs for me to find my way home."


Andre Delagnes

Anna Rahim

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