As a multi-faceted conscious creator

Adionai is a true representative of an evolutionary way of being

        raw and real, yet undefinable


 a wild, primordial dance flowing out of a timeless sea of ether

             ...a call for love            

                                       A fresh insight into the wide-open future...

              & a no BS anchoring into what's really here beneath the surface


radically committed to celebrating humanities liberated potential through his artistic expression and embodied process;

as multi-dimensional medicine for a shifting world. 

Through his journey of awakening to his True Self seeded beneath the cultural conditions of this age of superficial materialism - he serves as a facilitator, friend, and guide upon the universal path of wild wisdom, self love, shadow work, non-dual realization, and soul embodiment.


Sharing vulnerably of their weavings between deep consciousness and darkness,

they transmit Art, Teachings, and Embodied Energetic permission for a New Culture; unveiling space for humanities dormant nature to birth through the crazy contractions 

of this initiation into the next level of our evolution...


As an integration point between the perceptual polarities of a falling old world and the open playing field of a new one; Adionai normalizes the mad mess of modern spiritual maturation through their deep human relatability, and refined gifts of uncannily clear, comprehensive, birds-eye over-Seership...

into a species awake to our infinite essence, grounded in unity with the Earth, real with our shit, and fully expressed in co-creation for love, truth, and freedom for all.



Born in Jerusalem, Israel and later raised in Palo Alto, California amidst the uprise of the Silicon Valley tech-boom, Adionai grew up with a unique drive for depth and diversity amidst the cutting edge of cultural innovation - which manifested as an irrepressible rebellious drive to creatively seek the highest fruits from within the deepest roots of the human heart. As the inspired spark that once guided their unique & untamed expression became suffocated by the superficiality of a conformist High School culture, Adionai internalized the disconnect between their heart and the outer world in a way that left them feeling desperately lonely, unseen, and defeated of any hope to find a safe space for their soul to freely thrive in. 

Born unsually energetically sensitive and intuitive, through this disillusionment 

from their repressive environment in Palo Alto, Adionai was forced to face his naked self and the deep depression, anxiety, and insecurity suppressed within. Here, there was no map for mental health to be found within the culture that enabled this discord, and only the possibility of surrendering to the unknown depths of aloneness within in order to find true peace. Through the release of any hope for salvation through external validation, Adionai was oriented back to his inner-self as the True Source of Light through which his original fire reawakened... with the revelatory fate of rapidly burning through everything he learned to hide behind. Through this accelerated transfiguration of any past sense of identity or reality, this sensitive self's unique inability to be contained by any veil opened them to the mysteries of miraculous being and becoming 

beyond what any cultural boxes came close to showing was possible.




The Light

As mystical experiences confirmed and matured his natural commitment to a healing path of rebellious Self-Reverence, Adionai was intuitively drawn towards esoteric practices such as self-inquiry and meditation, as well as the shamanic ways of energetic embodiment through dance & movement. As his reality reformed from within, he found himself at the riveting grace of a rapid process of purification and consciousness expansion ~ channeling forth an unstoppable river of universal insight through music and written transmission, and learning to surrender as a transducer of ecstatic energy (and it's voiceless shadow) through a demanding process that required his full devotion; shaking off intense layers of contracted consciousness and soul-suppression taken on from the collective, and dying over and over to a higher will at work. It was here that a newly awakened purpose for living unveiled; to help those feeling the ways he once had..

to truly see that there is a deeper way then our normalized apathy shows; that is not only possible, but necessary for humanities natural evolution. And that most of all, that we are not alone.