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Adionai is a multi-faceted artist and creative, with an unconventional awareness for the subtle realms of the collective psyche, and a radical gift for clearly translating uncover the mysterious journey inwards- offering a clear mirror for the  of inner transfromation in a culture that is pulls is away from our personal expirience, and pointing us back inwards with a context for life.


the shared togethenres of our greter jrouney fo heling from seperation into unity - bridge the inner towards a unified globe in love -

naturally born as an artist / writer / musician - in high school uncovered this drive to channel this intentionally through such music love of his life -  with heightened awareness, he absorbed deep conditions, mental health, and emotionsl distress, and illumined hhis jounrey out through radical devotion and awkaneing in high school to self, unaplogetic drive against all odds - highlighting as a lighthouse for the youth of today, in a misunderstood age unparalleled to ever before. empathizing witht he spiritual media age and it's deep intracies, and grounded ina future of integratio an ancient ways of nature, to commmited to making consciousnes sexy and mainstream and brdiging the worlds in to the truly integrated culture beyond dogma, idealism, speration, politics.

uncovnetional radical, rebel doing things his own way, an unconventional sense of purpose to help humnaity awaken from the regimes keeping the soul suressed that he witnessed in his environment growing up in palo alto, and in his self. Uncovered spiritual truths of his heart and higher intelligence


having left the conventional route at a young age w/ absolute commitment, faith and trust jumping full inwards to the self to the teaching being intuitively taught by life, through his body, to a world being created from the inner presence the conventional world was too caught up in its disembdoied matrix. and explored different circuits of healing, uncovered his own body. An authority on the inner realms, and new waves of consciounsess bubbeling up deeper then dogmas of poast or structures.

from that age became passionate on why no one was speaking to tthese things going on. 

informed by al shool of life, 

after difficult upbringing, seeing the shit of todays culture, in the midst of the age - uniquely near vision to bring the spiritual forth and bring the expertise of depths to assist in todays balancing, beyond bs for new culture, and experience of embodiment. integrating ancient and future ways to return to nature and birth from freedom, utlizilign past 

Unconvenional route of a deep mystic, in absolute devotion to the rebellious cause of freedom, learning directly from life and having experienced cutting edge experiences of consciousness expansions- studying the workings of this true physical, multi-dimensional metamorphic happening in human evolution as a universal test dummy from the inside out for something unpreceded and long philosophized to make ti accessible to all - the process of liberating inner fragments into illumination, and thus the parts that keep us believing in we are cinterinscly separate from one another, towards a truly transparent future.

he delivers his ambitious scopes of intention for healing through a wide open channel nd alternates dimensions as well as mediums, folowing nothing less then what opens his heart, as he can't stop, and through that empowering others with content to open as well

offer content for a modern age to normalize mystical expirience, inner transformation, into full potential.


 grew up along internet age and saw it's toll on human ego distortion, as well as have taste of life before along with this inside new scoop - the gift of disengagement from life and following own path, learning directly from life and exploring new realms of culture solution conversation and experience that is accessible beyond what we are shown- covers large plethora of balance and here to bridge worlds to make woo-woo possibility and gifts accessible and practical, and normalize the inner-journey to support us all, rather the saying there's one way.

Balanced in his undefinable other-worldlyness and deep access to the global mind, multifaceted streams of creativity gives him wide access to collective, to bridge understanding, thought, culture, and human experience he's tuned into. with a larger goal of integrate the collective cultural mind into a wholesome understanding acceptance of the human experience int he grander universal context. normailizing mystical expiriences, psycho spiritual healing, innter transfromation, vulnerability, and he possiblity of a deepr love awakening to the mainstream culture.

With arms stretched open, profoundly covering all dimensions of this shift, from top to bottom - seeing the whole picture, and contributing to it, through the many different dimensions.


 mission: inspire to create from this new place and support evolution past past structures of limitation and confinement, and into the sefl through whicha ne wworld i birhte. 

deconstruction of the world, life, systems, and cultre as we know it - to remidn people to the shelter of truth that resies beneath these attachments, welcoming the youth and empowering them into a new way.

helps with his goal of reaching to as many peope.

truly an eccentric, unique, one of a kind, multi talented soul. here to e a leader by exmaple. abandoning the common route and listenign strictly to his pure connection this life that moves through all of us.


 As a highly-sensitive empath grown up in Israel and moved to America at age 4, always felt like an alien. living his whole life seeking more then what was offered, leading him from popularity into a pit of isolation, despair, insecurity, self-conflict, and hopelessness.

A complete natural creative, with all of this shut down, afraid to expres himself, terrified of being seen and convinced there was no place ot  euderstood and seen, despite the heart break of want nothing more then to be in love and connection with humanity, and deepl seeing the potential and love, as well as the immensity and realness of darkness n the way- went from a crude talented, shut down kid and started journying within, on a relentless.

grew up along internet age and saw it's toll on human ego distortion, as well as have taste of life before along with this inside new scoop - the gift of disengagement from life and following own path, learning directly from life and exploring new realms of culture solution conversation and experience that is accessible beyond what we are shown- covers large plethora of balance and here to bridge worlds to make woo-woo possibility and gifts accessible and practical, and normalize the inner-journey to support us all, rather the saying there's one way.

in the midst of the 21st century internet age, in the gine pig generation for it all, seeing all its effects on his peers, always had an outside perspective- relentlessly analyzing culture from the outside and dierness of it's effects on teenagers disconectoin from themselves. scrutinizing every detail of giving our power to culture through the screen and incognruencies in the space that is held for the listing to our bodies

overtime this has led to an opening of so much, no he is here to connect with these youth, to change that game. 

highly sensitive, lost the feeling of the soul in content he'd say - well aware of the disconnect and self consciousness leaving kids creating what they think will be approved of on the outside, creating culture recycling on surface level of approval, prioritizing how we look, and leaving disconnect internally, a fragmentation that does catch up as worlds are adapting.

in isolation he connected with spiritual nature and had profound awaenings and remembrances of who he was, unlike ever before, leading him to slowly but surely become apart of a growing wave of culture and community prioritizing vulnerability, no longer victimhood, and stepping into his place in that


a true support system for the shadows of our times, Adionai Anti-bs. even in the spiritual world. with cutting edge clarity and radical devotion to sovereignty and self-realization beyond the fluffy superficial spiritual ego realms - xposing himself through his vulnerable process still learning in life as cal for all to know its safe to be a mmess, and to drop all our pretending to do things right  and breka down together, supporting people in befriend this place here for the realness. .

I am a visionary speaker, here to actively engage with high-schools and youths through presentation, teaching, workshop, and collaboration. I help awaken others to the transition humanity is going through, empowering them with the tools and understanding of finding refuge in their self that lies beneath teachings and culutre of an old world, helping to orient to a culture that centers of principles of nature, and our evolution to a place sourced in relationship intenraly.


I create transformational events where I facilitate parties, workshops, and ceremonies that push the evolution of gatherings, connecting us to an ancient way of unlocking the medicine of our expirienitial full selfs via medicine, music, and community. With intention on accesiblity, allowing others to feel safe and supported bringing all of their selfs, true community in both healing, and sincere sacred celebration, as microcosmic portals into anchoring the expirience of what is possible to expirience on a macro level when all of us is set free.


I am here to serve through conscious content to stimulate, inspire and awaken others, as a bridge showcasing the human soul, and restoring culture to it's foundational rooted purpose of connecting others with their hearts, souls, and relatiablilty to something greater towards our endless future - as an authentic tool of love, consciousness, and social progress.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 2.38.48 PM.png

transmute the usage of language unveil unity between seeminlgy seperate concepts into a context aligned with nature, unlocking access to deepen into consciousness beneath ego limitations and see what lies in and wants to be lived through the heart free from concept. I am a heart bridge between the illuminated mind and the unconscious body.


As a public figure here to be as transparent as I can about my journey, to consciously illuminate all the traumas and wounds within me that still long to be set free on behalf of all, serving as a mirror and permission for others to know that they are not alone in their messy innocence, as an authentic example of a new way of being long prophecised. 


Growing up front and center for the initial wave of the social media generation, Adionai got to witness first hand the effects this culture of externalized image had on the social constructs of the developing minds around him. With the gift of an eagles eye view, this subtle awareness at first felt like a curse, as wherein Adionai's open hearted nature once allowed them to thrive amidst their peers, it now outcast them from a world that seemed to abandon the felt, authentic expirience of the individual in exchange for ephemeral validation. Feeling completely the core emptiness of these societal trends, and unable to conform to the social and academic normalities, Adionai went into deeper dissociation, fueled by fear of expressing their uniqueness.

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