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Soul Embodiment Experience

Guided Journey into Experiential Self-Realization through Movement.

  • 1 h 11 min
  • 144 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

The Soul Embodiment Experience is a unique offering that supports in the specific process of allowing the soul to inhabit the body. We are all made of energy, which is also consciousness. While this is hardly recognized by mainstream science, an even lesser acknowledged reality is that we have reached an evolutionary tipping point for our species where dormant DNA and Energy is being awakened within our bodies to take us into the next level of our expression, as more transparent channels for our multi-dimensional natures. Although hard to conceive, this is not about concept. This is rather about returning to the sensitivity of our felt expirience - wherein a deeper intelligence (Called "Life", "Nature", "God", "Light", or "Soul") is blossoming through our usual pace of unconscious thought and movement which define our sense of separation. Our Soul is not just an idea - it is a living expirience that expresses via this biology, as that which wakes up through us when our mind creates the devoted space. Due to our culture, we are conditioned into patterns of living rooted in false identities that suppress and bypass our fully embodied presence - leaving us as a collective in a chronic state of dissociation, contraction, and stagnation. Through the Soul Embodiment Experience, I guide participants in a somatic, shamanic, meditative journey of attuning and surrendering to the deeper stirrings of this Life Force energy flowing through us on it's journey towards healing and integration of our higher Soul aspects. We will be dancing in surrender to the deeper stillness, silence and solitude of our tender innocence, through which the raw flow and fire of our fully alive potential awakens our cells with instructions for liberation from past programs of smallness conditioned into the body and held in our daily patterns. Through this journey, we purify ourselves as channels in service to increasing levels of light and love, which not only allow us to return to our original design and potential for self-realized union and bliss - but which manifest into every area of our life through the organic super-computer projector of this body, in service to the whole. Each of us has a unique soul, as well as physical expression - and it is our birthright to express it in felt freedom, beyond our false stories which keep our incarnation short-circuited by our fears of rejection. We are the Infinite Universe here to dance. Angels here to embody and express in animal form.

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