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Soul Sight Package

Make the switch from Limited Lens, to Soul Sight « 3 Sessions »

  • 1 hour
  • 288 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Email to further discuss booking! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There is our limited lens which we've been conditioned to see from, and then there is our Soul Sight - which can truly see Ones Self, and thus begin to perceive life clearly in it's Unified, Glorious, Ever-Fresh Nature. By clearly reflecting upon and learning to see our limited perspectives, the mental mirror undergoes a natural cleansing process in order to bringing the Realization of one's deeper Consciousness to the forefront of awareness. You are already your Soul, and clarity is not something to seek after, but rather something to notice life as an eternal invitation to remember your Nature. The thing is that our minds get in the way of this, and filter our expirience of life based on the ways through the lens of limitation that others have imposed onto us - and thus we unconsciously create life from there. Through the clouds of your unconsciously conditioned self-reference, there is the authentic sky of your True Self - with an ever-accesable view to the highest multi-dimensional potential and timelines for your life. This journey is designed to support you in finding your completely unique signature self, and spreading your mental wings to allow your belief systems to become transparent to the alchemical aspects of Spirit working through your life towards your Souls Actualization - discovering that it is not about what is in our life, but how we see these things, that makes all the difference.

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