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Sovereignty Session

A process to clear victimhood / co-dependancy & integrate inner-union.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 155 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

This process will engage experiential dialogue, and multi-dimensional inner-journeying, culminating in a self-marriage integration ceremony. In the Sovereignty session, we will go on a healing journey to uncover the places where you are still unconsciously leaking power to the ideas of external forces in your life and bypassing your freedom. As a precise and clear mirror, I will be reflecting to you the awareness, permission, and empowerment for you to remember the inherent wholeness at the source of these fragmented projections. This is fundamentally working with the embodied reclamation and integration of your inner Feminine and Masculine aspects, within the Love that you already are - healing conditioned wounds of separation. As one of the most vital domains of spiritual growth - few are fully ready, as we fear that if we claim ourselves whole, we will not expirience thriving relationships with others. The opposite is actually true. Being that we are already alone on the deepest level, it is actually necessary for our evolution as a species that we each learn to accept, treat, and know ourselves as the "one" in order to project forth a life that mirrors and reflects this inherent template of our self-realized nature. This is because all relationships reflect our inner relationship with ourself. Without the proper examples into what this quantum leap for our species looks like, this can be challenging to rationalize. In a collective relational matrix that runs on the underlying program of co-dependency, we are taught that there is anything outside to find lasting self-fulfillment in - starting with parents, and later manifest in our relationships to our romantic fantasy, or perceptions external divine forces. Without these conditionings, our authentic desires free us into a properly self-sustained creative engagement with life. This is no ones fault or responsibility to resolve for us. It is rather an empowerment journey which only we can Realize ourselves, by definition. It is the resolution of the application of our false sense of separation. In fact, life is already always trying to pull the rug under you and the false security of external validations for a false sense of wholeness - because it knows your only freedom comes in realizing it already within you. So I cannot give you Sovereignty - only the reflection and most sincere support for you to delve into a life long journey of an unconditionally devotional affair with the true Source within.

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