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  • Integral Reflections in a pure space held for the raw Blossoming Being

    144 US dollars
  • A process to clear victimhood / co-dependancy & integrate inner-union.

    155 US dollars
  • Guided Journey into Experiential Self-Realization through Movement.

    144 US dollars
  • Make the switch from Limited Lens, to Soul Sight « 3 Sessions »

    288 US dollars
  • Applying the Higher Mind into Embodied Living « 13 Sessions »

    1,444 US dollars
  • Initiate into Core Multi-Dimensional Mastery « 6 Months Mentorship »

    2,555 US dollars
  • Channeled Reflection of your unique multi-dimensional expression.

    123 US dollars
  • Recording of a personalized DJ Set catered to serve your souls dance.

    155 US dollars
  • A song channeled and written specifically for your soul.

    333 US dollars
  • The Ultimate Sacred Spa Treatment.

    555 US dollars
  • Movement Journeys, Cacao Ceremonies, Vocal Alchemy, Intimacy Practices

    Prices Vary
  • Visionary Speaker on topics of Spiritual Growth and Cultural Evolution

    Prices Vary
  • Medicine Music Performance / Live Looping / Sound Healing / Percussion

    Prices Vary
  • Ecstatic Dance / Movement Journeys (with Live Vocals and Instruments)

    Prices Vary
  • Prices Vary
  • Purchase Soft Earth Medicines for Holistic Health & Spiritual Support

    Prices Vary
  • in association with Shinan Arts, directly supports Indigenous families

    Prices Vary



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