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1 Finger Pointing, 4 Pointing Back

If there’s a part of you unconsciously repeatedly out to make people “wrong”, you may think you’re helping - while being part of “the problem”... Not that there necessarily is a “problem”. It is the very judgment of external “wrongness” which often creates hypocritical “wrong action” in the accuser - as they are not perceiving things in a balanced lens, and thus cutting themselves from a more absolutely accurate perception.

Alligned / Harmonious interaction with the world is projected from our inner state, when one has come to love and re-integrate the parts within them that have been made to feel “wrong” - which heeds a more impersonal discernment, rather than immature judgment.

Dealing with perceived external disharmony is a tricky thing, and something that takes mastery to do without creating more disharmony than need be, and exacerbating the disharmonious energy through our arrogance / ignorance / righteousness - rather then Neutralize it into coherence.

The shadow-inflated ego really gets off on Blaming others, and making them at fault for how we feel.

What this often is is a projection of cycles of emotional violence that immediatly come back around to haunt us - even if we unconsciously think we are dispersing this oppresive energy by transferring it onto some external “bad guy”.

As long as some part of us thinks it is getting off on its own righteousness by making another “bad” for a moment - we are neither helping that person, nor ourselves.

We have to learn clear communication.

We have to stop projecting our internal self-critique and insecurity onto others.

We have to learn to own our shit and share what comes up, without putting the responsibility on the other for what they trigger on us.

We have to be willing to expand beyond the self-suffocating, internalized repression we recieved when we were wronged, shamed, and guilted in our upbringings - and end the cycles of projection through sincerely finding redemption in being a space of safety, compassion, trust, and celebration for ourselves, and thus of others.

This does not mean condoning harmful behavior without confrontation.

This means waking up out of the delusion that it serves us in anyway, or is alligned to truth, to fault our internal emotional process around these triggers onto what who percieve to be the source of our triggers “out there”.

When the world matures to sincerely wanting the best for everyone, unconditionally - is when these deeper issues will be resolved with much more efficiency.

Behind all of our great arguments for what’s wrong with the world, there lies an internal need to learn to be with our uncomfortable emotions without projecting them at an external reflecting trigger.

When we get this, we heal the root cause of the violence and oppression in this world.

But we must first learn to reconcile and integrate the one that has been oppressed and put down within us, that we can more clearly see our inner oppressor - and access our true golden hearted core which truly desires nothing more than for everyone to know the unconditional love and forgiveness Life holds us all in, and which is the healing balm for the wounds that keep pointing a finger outwards, while karmically picking at themselves with the other four.

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