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Enjoy The Show

If you can’t laugh at the ridiculousness of it, you will have trouble being with the reality of it.

Things are only gonna get weirder. Enjoy the show, but remember it’s a show, to not be fooled.

I’m not surprised by any of these shenanigans happening in the world right now. As far as I can tell, the world has always been a cosmic joke of an exquisite shit show.

Life is here to bring us to a deep place of “expect the unexpected”, where eventually... there will be no sense found in any reaction to the very serious insanity of it all, other than to just laugh.

And frankly, it’s time to get used it. This is just the beginning.

We aint seen nothing yet...

It’s important to realize how absurd it all is - and let the WOW factor humble us more deeply into being fully present and awake in this world.

But may we remember to let this be of service to our enjoyment. To our riding the fluidity of it all. To not taking any if it too seriously.

We’re made of stardust, in a multi-dimensional virtual reality simulation, flying on a living rock through infinity.

Normalcy was a fuckin joke of a performance put on to mask our fear of the uncontrolable absurdity that we are all made of and apart of.

This is what happens when a world tries to suppress it’s craziness, and hide it’s primal nakedness with a million creative costumes. It clumsily explodes and disolves in a grandeous exposé - when we realize the King has always been naked.

Nature / Truth / Reality always wins.

This is the part of the Truman show where we realize that most of our dominant cultural narratives have been fabricated to suppress the infinitely flowing and expanding fountain of creation, that is ever bursting through all previous costume, and who’s shtick is to be exposed by life’s relentless insistence on being wild in expression, and ineffably pure play in essence.

Clinging to the stage props of this scene as it breaks down for a new one to rise, and letting the news on the world stage dictate our feelings will not cut it.

As the veils lift - remember, it’s just a show; here to show us that we can be anything, without being defined by any of it.

Not to spoil the ending, but every soul remembers it’s always been free and at One with the Infinite ~ endlessly playing with and fooling itself through us.

En-lighten up.

We’re all mad here.

How are you narrating? How are you laughing with God?

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