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4/4/4 ~ [Anchoring Ascension]

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

We are living in special times, and today is a special day...

While some minds are awakening to greater visions for what new, more unified and regenerative Earth can be built out of the ruins of a crumbling paradigm of "normalcy", we are all on some level being humbled by reminders of how tender, precious, and complex every subtle piece of our life is - in their ground of interconnection with the greater web.

As this time of physical isolation and uncertainty brings us all closer to the underlying parts of us that the typical human drift has left in the shadows, the light of spring begins to blossom from the seeds we are now learning to come back down and tend to.

As a collective, we are given an opportunity to slow down, re-attune with nature, and descend through our unconsciousness into the need and possibility for us to feel safety, trust, and belonging upon this earth and in our own bodies - no matter the madness spiraling around us.

So while many around the world today are meditating, praying, singing, and creating in remembrance of their connection to all beings... many are also in the midst of break down, grief, and suffering as they lose hold on what they once took to define their sense of self and security.

These aspects of our expirience are not in opposition. Deeper then any war-like perspective or doomsday scare... life is meeting, and making love with itself more creatively than ever before - breaking down all previous sense of boundary between this side and the other, to birth something new.

In order to feel this in ourselves too, we must listen deeper...

As Car Jung said: "Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

The aim of nature's unfoldment, through the magnitude of this turning point in history, cannot be simply grasped by the minds seeking.

It is as sincere as a nervous system unwinding to an ancient beat; as real as one breath pulling in the future, and exhale releasing the past.

And it is as ineffable as the space in between...

Throughout the shifting cycles of time and seasons of change, our true essence remains as the eye of the storm. And in between the many notes of nature's song - there is always room to dance, in the liminal space in between the Ouroboros snake eating it's own tail.

From darkness, to light. From destruction, to creation. From stillness, to motion. From silence, to song. From human chaos to higher order. From hell to heaven.

We are discovering now at this time of humility, that while every aspect of existence intrinsically reflects an aspect of ourselves - our true self remains untouched as the timeless heart-space of pure potential through which creation expands infinitely.

So to find peace in the paradox, we must always start with ourselves - with two feet on the earth, rediscovering our own rhythm, over and over and over again.

By returning to this body, the soul has a chance to finally spread its wings. In coming down to the Earth, we are asked to surrender to a deeper natural intelligence that has guided our ancestors into higher, unified consciousness - and which it is our forgetting of, in our dissociation from our roots, that has projected the inner-fragmentation onto the mirror of this world.

There is no bypassing, or escaping the human dimensions. Rather the more present we can to be our totality - the more dormant epigenetic technologies are activated, bridging all we've known with a future that holographically reflects a flourishing inner-wholeness we could never even fathom.

It is the spiraling movement of nature that utilizes every being, every culture, every emotion, every story, every sound, every color, and every dream as part of this greater tapestry of beauty, meaning, and awakening. This evolutionary impulse towards conscious integration is being called forth within each of us, to dance our way back to the foundational remembrance of unity consciousness - from which a New Earth blossoms through the divine role of every season.

The way forward, is inward.

The way higher, is lower.

We ground deeper, through dancing.

We serve, through celebrating.

It is in service to this reminder - I am super excited to share with you this comprehensive, full-spectrum, 4 hour 4 min 44 second journey with you all. May it carry in these times, assisting you in your grounding and full bloom.

For the Anchoring of Ascension.

Rooted, with wings spread.

The time is now.

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