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6 Steps for Remembering Buddhahood

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

1. Meditate as Buddhahood

Before you go on chasing consciousness, perhaps you might find the right rest in a moment of space for or from yourself

just enough to get you to where you always sought to get to,

while seeking too far and fast

to find it where you always where or in who or what you've always been.

The voice in your head that you think you are uniquely adapted through the collages of other voices in the world is not you.

You are the sky of silence beneath, and before all that.

Far too infinite to define.

Rather then move from the anxious place of seeking Know you are the peace that needs no movement.

2. Smile

You are light itself - aka, the Buddha.

Your smile, like the Sun.

Every time it rises, the world gets to delight in the gift you are even more

And open even wider to the gift that they are

that can not be given, nor recieved

only remembered reflected in and as a Smile.

3. Love Your Body

You are the Universe - in ecstatic motion, as Rumi said.

What good is a bright mind if the body is left thirsty?


And enjoy - this gift that you are.

As you embrace your physical vehicle, as it is, Heaven meets Earth.

4. Simplify

Declutter the unnecessary.

Which is most of what you have left lying around or thought you might need,

To make space to meet your presence that is already always full.

5. Send Love to All Beings

Easy, you are already this Love

One with all beings. It does not serve anyone for your to hoard it all to yourself.

6. Bow

Thank you

And recieve the gift of not even giving just being grattitude

For everything

And nothing

Just because..

life is much more delicious - when you are there to savor every bite!

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