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Both Wings (How to Fly Above Politics)

Your friendly reminder that both wings belong to the same bird.

Spread those beautiful bad boys. It’s time to fly.

We create a world of harmony, based on the unity we realize within.

Balance is an inside job, that is reflected externally when we are no longer “othering” any being within this circle of life that we are an intrinsicly unified part of, as it is constantly filtered and recreated based on our relationship to the expressions and polaritys of Self, that all emenate from our center and are projected onto the dream of this world.

Nature has already won.

Count all you want, it’ll always just be One here.

The birds eye view sees how everything is part of a synergistic spiral process of merging between all aspects of the One that chose to explore it’s infinite nature through believing there to be anything separate from itself.

We free ourselves through realizing that the only cage is the perception of duality.

Let us soar above the bullshit, remembering the infinite sky of possibility above us as we set our roots even deeper into this Earth to build a New Culture from a perspective no longer blinded by the faulty social structures of division crumbeling before our eyes.

Via the story we are telling ourself (unity or seperation, empowerment or victimhood, peace or war, flow or resistance, heaven or hell) and thus the state of being we are choosing to embody and live from (fragmentation or resonance) - we are casting our vote in every moment for the world we wish to expirience, and sending it out into the unified field.

The only true leader is Love.

Let us liberate our hearts to guide us into the remembrance of the unconditionally sovereign power that We The People have been born with, wherein no matter what aspect of the collective selfs imbalance is revealed externally, we see it all as an opportunity for deeper integration through reconciling peace between the seeming opposites within us, to embody a United State of Ascension

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