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Dance With That

We forgot that all we need is in our own body.

No bullshit; Everything is Within. Literally.

Dance with that.

Our suffering and seeking ends when ones consciousness fully melts and merges down into the body.

The infamous sense of human seperateness, or “that empty feeling” was unconsciously conditioned into us by our society punishing us if we did not follow it’s ideas of how we should use this precious vehicle- leaving our conscious expirience with an inner incongruence to our deeper unconscious urges and nature.

Herein, our mind began to go against the body because the sensitive/sensational self did not feel safe to bare the feelings of isolation, neglect, or rejection it would find itself in if it was free and independent. Nothing feels worse then feeling alone and apart from, for our truth is that we are fully apart of this greater existence. And so one compromises their natural expression in order to feel apart of an “unnatural” society- baring dis-ease on virtually all levels, until realizing that the only true sense of insatiable separation is the disconnect between self and self. And until then, the mind did what it could to belong with the greater cultured group- although there was hardly an embodied love there to feel the authentic unity the body longed for there.

This false belonging always left us hopelessly feeling alone, no matter how hard we tried to conform to others projections and expectations, because essentially our soul began to abandon itself, through the mind no longer listening to or honoring the authentic sensations and impulses of the body.

One was turned at war with oneself.

In this way, the pathway back to love, wholeness, and true fulfillment, is the pathway back into the body.

To going within, and learning to listen to, be present with, and lovingly participate with the independent Self.

When our consciousness is fully present within this vessel, the illusory need for outer love is resolved. There is no longer a distorted sense of seperateness, barrier, or division within oneself- and one is no longer unconsciously functioning through a program that believes that this love will be resolved by seeking another being outside- for truly, all exists within oneself. All of reality is but a projection of ones consciousness through the filter that is this body.

Meaning all we need or perceive to be out there is literally within us.

And we can align with and create a reality for ourselves that is truly fulfilling, by commiting to fully landing and finding this sense of oneness within ourselves- remembering that it is all that is.

The freedom we seek cannot be found in objects, other people, nor in thoughts.

The truth of our liberation is in simply being what we already are, as we are, in and with these precious vehicles.

You are what you are seeking. Are the divine. Your vehicle ontains infinity, all of this, within it.

The body is always truth. Is always here and now. Is always Love

All the juice you could ever dream of is here, waiting to be delighted in.

How silly that we forget this most precious truth. How incredible that we forgot how incredibly beautiful we truly are, underneath all we have been taught to believe we are and see ourselves as.

How fuckin silly !

God, we’re amazing.

We have simply forgot to see ourselves in this love, because the world could not see in us what it could not see in itself. And so on and so forth.

And so we come back to ourselves for the healing of all, and the birthing of a transparent, radiant future.

Going within doesn’t mean we abandon or turn off from what is without.

It simply means we do not hold our external reality responsible for fulfilling our own need for love.

Of course, this is easier said then done. This is the journey of a lifetime. And yet all our fears that we will never get there or be enough are absolved the more we simply sink into, surrender, and learn to tend to our body’s- so that from there we may rise to dance with the world as who we truly are.

There was never anything need outside. Nothing to seek to complete us. That’s the whole distortion that created so much suffering- as it lead us into abandoning and making ourselves unconscious in the search for something else. In the rejection of ourselves, without access to the expirience of who we truly are.

We would be amazed to know who we truly are, when fully inhabited, made conscious, and authentically lives.

Nothing less then unconditional love, equipped to love the world more freely and authentically then ever before, because one is now more internally sourced with one’s own true presence- which is love.

Conceptualizing this is helpful, but it’s not about any idea.

It’s love, the truth is love.

The truth is that all of you, us, me are loved beyond belief.

The truth is that it is possible to live out this remembrance.

And the truth is that it is a process of constant learning, challenge, and yet unimaginable growth and relief from past burdens.

As ones presence comes deeper down into the self, one is faced with all the feelings of abandonment, fear, shame, guilt, and grief unprocessed by the inner child that always simply wanted to be one’s true self. Love. One. Whole- interconnected in all parts. Within oneself and part of community and the greater natural universe at large in this way. Home.

And yet as we feel what he’s not been felt, we let love’s truth descend into our beings and transform the whole mass condition created from a place of external seeking.

The reason love is truth, is because like the greater existence we are of, it holds all within it with unconditional presence.

As parts of us neglected are met, ones ascend into the remembrance of unity- and long disconnected fragments become integrated into the embodied being.

All that being said, all we need to do is ask our body

“What do you need?”

And figure out how we can offer it that.

Again, this is not about estrangement from others- for they in essence are apart of us, and in the greater picture, this is about our remembrance as a collective that we are one interconnected family.

But it is time for us to therefor show up as who we really are, and no longer feel we are incapable of finding fulfillment amidst the collective if we are prioritizing our relationship with self.

This is the key.

The more we go within, and let our body dance us forth with an authentic impulse that can only be truly felt and danced with by you- the more we can find ourselves dancing with the world without abandoning the true internal feeling of fulfillment we are longing for, but can never find outside.

For all is inside.

So for the sake of your precious expirience and the incredible potential you have to remember the ineffable essence of your own love, dance your dance.

Love yourself.

You absolutely deserve to give it to yourself.

And even if it feels unknown to prioritize your body over with the world- as you fill your own cup, the world is transformed and every being is empowered to find their dance through the evolutionary reflection you are living, embodying, and now naturally giving in overflow.

And then we can all meet, dance, and love together- without abandoning our true capacity to actually feel all this stuff by forgetting that truly, all is already in you.

No bullshit.

Love you.


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