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Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

"The only way to deal with an unfree world, is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." – Camus

There is a limit to how much good we can do for the world, without having done the proper work to do good for and to ourselves.

We can’t save the world, only ourselves...

from the ways we’ve been made to feel like victims by an oppressive culture. We do this through reclaiming our spiritual sovereignty and self-empowered right to live our life's freely and unapologetically.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our mind.” - Bob Marley

In the world you wish to see, how are people living? Perhaps free, fulfilled, and in peace and pleasure?

Then contribute to that world selflessly, by sacrificing your self-denying martyrdom and finger-pointing policing of what needs to change in the world before you can be at peace, and instead choosing to BE THE CHANGE you wish to see.

Contribute one more person, FINALLY FUCKING FREE from internalized self-repression, and offer that as a service, a ripple effect of boundless possibility, for us ALL to reclaim our true Nature.

Encoded in our natural design is the blueprint to live a fully lit, fully authentic, self-fulfilling life - and THRIVE in the highest contribution to the whole from this nature, as the channels / fountains for Spirit that we are, beyond any story of “should” based on external judgment. It is already the True Selfs natural design to serve and expand in the realization of love, just by being and loving itself.

From a liberated inner-world, a liberated outer-world is created.

You can always find an excuse to betray your heart in exchange for playing safe and small in accords with the judgments of others. But in truth, that motivation and reasoning was not originaly yours. It's time to unlearn the things you learned from wounded people...

Such as separation, victimization, blaming, guilting, shaming, judging, hating, fearing.

All of these states of disharmony which are projected onto us by others based on how they treat themselves, which is based on how they were treated - and so on and so forth...

which we then do to ourselves, and then project outwards...

until we decide to resolve the loop of conflict manifest from the false sense of separation between inner and outer. This is massive, tremendous, challenging work. We are addicted to our suffering - as in many ways, it's all our ancestors have known... so much so that we often cannot believe we are possibly capable or worthy of releasing those attachments into a new way of honor.

And yet there is a new, evolved way of being Love that has always been our nature to behold... and lies within each of us beneath the conditionings and protective mechanisms used to project the point of our problems and power externally, in order to distract ourselves from authentically meeting this war within.

We are Love, and we heal ourselves from these self-perpetuating stories in the sincere self love, which is inseparable from selfless love.

This requires boundaries and sovereignty from the old habits and collective clouds that we see manifest as endless co-dependant "victim-perpetrator-savior" violence in the world around us - without taking responsibility of your life.

"It's not your fault that you were traumatized the way you were, but it IS your responsibility to heal."

The reclaiming of responsibility to embody the change we wish to see invites our resolution of these aspects still within us, so that we may shine the clear mirror of unconditional compassion, forgiveness, and understanding as an opportunity for others to remember this place of possibility within themselves.

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