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Entry to Ecstatic Earth

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

From 2018

For almost 3 years now, Ecstatic Dance has in many ways been one of the most central, consistent, and important parts of my life. When I first discovered it, it became immediately clear that this is exactly what my soul was waiting for, and since my initial entry into the official Ecstatic container, this space has served not only as a portal into the deeper inner exploration and embodied practice I was needing on a personal level, but also as a beaconing pathway into the lifestyle and global community that now dances with and encapsulates my day to day reality.

I had tasted the Ecstatic many times throughout my life experiences moving through different spaces, from Middle School Dances, Raves, and Festivals, to Psytrance Parties in my homeland of Israel. Having the contrast of exposure to what was the more common party scene available in Israel upon my annual Summer visitations, as opposed to what pop-culture mostly presented in the U.S. through the club scene – I realized early on that what we called dancing here in the States was not really dancing. Rather than a naturally inspired movement rising from an authentic energetic feeling, thus resulting in a full-body response of surrender – it became painstakingly clear to me as I entered High School that our common dance floors were becoming increasingly saturated by our mental matrixes of fear, self-consciousness, and suppression. With the onrise of social media, suddenly the dance container felt more like a stage on which to perform the image we think we must project in order to receive the approval of others, without (god forbid) letting our true soul be seen moving how IT wanted to move in the process… all the while not realizing the immobilization we were thus crippling our core self’s with, only which the primal ritual of Ecstatic abandon through Movement could liberate to grant the true sense of visceral Connection, Bliss, Freedom, and Fulfillment all souls seek.As an antidote to this distortion of the natural dance experience we find ourselves socially influence by, something called “Ecstatic Dance” was created as an intentional space for the remembrance and reconnection to nothing less than our shared human Nature. And thank the Gods.

With the clear awareness of the absolute sacredness and significance of Dancing as a pathway into fully living in alignment with all that we truly are, Ecstatic Dance has served as a space for me to continuously find my footing in my Freedom. Going at least twice a week on most weeks, each Dance is an opportunity to learn to dance once again, leaning in like an absolute beginner to meet my inner-senses and vulnerabilities for the first time, to find out what they have to share with me to guide me deeper into my true self. Through ego and heart-break, and up to Realization and Ecstasy, it is by this practice of making space to be moved by something greater than my mind’s ideas of who I am or “should” be, that I find myself emerging back into the world, sometimes softer, sometimes more integrated, but always transformed anew. I have also learned so much throughout this process about what it means to find my own rhythm amongst a swirling sea of “others”, learning slowly how to surf the wave of each rising feeling and collapse of fear, is I rise to find trust, support, and true connection in opening and dropping into a community filled with reflections all doing the same work.

The celebration of our uniqueness as individuals is the fabric that weaves together the greater party of our co-existence – and it has always been a calling in my heart to hold space for others to come into their dances, and to bring to the world the medicine of a true opportunity to know our potential as Freedom Embodied. The DJ is therefor Shaman in a way, inviting all of us down to the floor to be with all that we carry and become taught by our own bodies how to let spirit flow from the place of our authentic Presence. All to say that I have been LOVING showing up here for my community to DJ Ecstatic Dances more and more – and am excited to share with you all my first recorded set of the sorts, titled “Entry to Ecstatic Earth”.My intention with it, as always, is to help guide people through a wholesome exploration of our global existence, weaving different emotions, tempos, languages, and genres to bring us around the sacred spiral of our internal landscape, to let the impenetrable center within us move us like never before – heralding the return of the Ecstatic to this Earth.

This is only the entry.You will be held, you will be shaken, you will be stretched, you will be released. You will be touched, you will be stirred, you will be taken under, and you will be lifted up. You will forget yourself, only to remember again, like never before. You are Us. We are Earth. We are the Elements. We are Animals. We are Creatures. We are Stars. We are Souls. We are Deities. God. We are Nothing. We are Everything. We are Love. Alone. Together. We are Humanity.There’s no need to hold on any longer. Instead, move with it as it moves through you. It’s all part of this sacred dance called life, and Ecstasy is nothing more then what happens when nothing is held back, and everything is celebrated in the name of a truth untamed, beyond the mental ideas our daily realities have entrained us to disguise our true Self’s in.

Awaken Ecstatic Dancer. I know you. Come Dance with me.Thank you for being here with me in these sacred time’s of our Collective Evolution, as I open up to share my gifts with the world on behalf of the highest good of all. May we all reclaim our Ecstatic potential. I look forward to dancing together soon

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