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Follow the FLUV

As i fly through strange worlds, higher to lower, once grasping for peace in a dove,

I follow the rabbit of feeling down holes towards where life is not quite what it was.

I listen up close, not resisting these lows, cuz it's funner to dip from above

When you trust and you know, that cuz Love always Flows, we are free to surrender to Fluv.

Yes Fluv is the word, though it might sound absurd, I assure you there's nothing more sane.

Oh so long ive resisted, the that and the this, but now opposites seem quite the same.

You see, you need bitterness to taste the sweetness, the darkness to bathe in the light,

And we've come here to float through the like's and the don'ts, to know what flavors bring most delight.

So I'm done resisting! I'd rather just Flow and let Love show me next where to go.

And i'll follow this Fluv, as it pours from my jug so my tears may help flowers to grow.

There's no shame in feeling what's juicy and real, after all it's for feeling we've come

To this planet so weird, so i say while we're here, let us try to make of it more fun.

The Fluv it will lead you and be there when you seek to bathe in it's beauty and touch.

And all that you need is to release your fears in your brain that believe you're too much.

There's work to be done to expirience fun, but in Fluv there's nothing that's not play.

So we dance as we walk and we sing as we talk as we work towards a happier day.

There's Fluv everywhere, in your skull, in your hair, if you're bald then you sure have it too!

For Fluv is not something outside of your skin, but the Fluv is all there inside you.

So go and be shy if you feel you could cry, but please do feel what wants to be felt.

For as you let die, all the places inside that hold tight you can finally melt.

Into the Fluv here, always Fluving more near, everytime that you Fluv your own self.

There's nothing to fear, you're sorrounded by peers, and I promise we're all here to help.

Whether you can see it from quite where you are, feel deeper and surely you'll find

That as deeper you fall into dark holes inside, the higher you'll rise to Fluv Life.

Fluv, Fluv, Fluv, Fluv, it's where Flow and Love finally meet.

They've always been here, it's what makes up your soul, your heart, genitals, and your feet.

Oh how long we've felt lonely on this windy road, so I'm SO stoked to finally greet

With arms wide open, the love that keeps flowin, for in Fluv we're always complete.

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