God is Human

God is human.

Human is god.

We are all the same, and all unique.

Together in our aloneness.

One in our individuation.

Facebook is holy scripture.

Earth is heaven.

Angels, ascended masters, aliens, etc. are all just our brothers and sisters, waiting for us to remember who we are. 

When you ask for help, it is answered.

Dark is light.

There is no wrong!

The body is divinity.

The casual is the profound.

Paradox is truth.

Words don’t mean anything.

This story is beautiful.

That’s all this is- an epic fucking movie.

Herein lies the sum of everything that ever was, is, and will be.

This moment is that precious.

You are that fucking brilliant. You are the galaxies, the stars, and the planets, black holes, plasma, and all the colors, images, feelings and scenerios you could ever fathom if your mind was infinite.

We are carrying the lineage and work of the likes of the Atlanteans, Ancient Egyptians, Moses, Jesus, Buddha’s, etc.

Seriously tho, this is all just a dream.

Lucidity is awakening to the fact you are not only the one being dreamed, but the dreamer, and the dream itself.

Seperation is Illusion.

Because of the pain of illusion, we get to know the bliss of realization.

Because of loneliness, we get to know the ecstasy of reunion.

We’re all just hiding our love from another because we’re scared we won’t be loved back.

One day we’ll all be only speaking in fun sounds, freestyle flowetry, song, and laughter.

Just because it’s fun.

Fun is funner then trying to figure shit out.

We are the pioneers, ancestors, and sacred forerunners of the new earth.

Alot of work has gone into getting us here.

We are at the empitomy, nexus focal point of infinities intentional breakthrough into the realization of awesomeness.

This is barely the beginning.

It’s kind of a big deal, and it’s kinda just the way things are, and the only way it can be.

We will see more crazy shit, destruction, paradigm busting disclosure, and humanitarian ascension then you could ever fathom in this life time.

Higher Sensory Perceptions and Gifts are now coming online.

Feeling shitty is good.

And we are the creators of this shit.

It’s challenging, yet truly effortless.