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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

What if i were to tell you that you are a treasure God has burried, just to have an adventurous scavenger hunt between his eyes and heart?

That he is a Pirate firing cannon balls at your ship, only so you can finally be flooded by the Love that lies within the depths you’ve tried to float above.

That you are the Monster he has summoned, just to have a dance partner with which to play with his power.

Then would you breathe your firey winds, and unleash your waves across the world to wash all who are lost into the limitless horizon?

Yes, the universe is endless darkness. But if you knew that this was only created so you could be seen better, then would you let that Golden Heart incased in your chest rise, for God to sun gaze into and salute as these hidden worlds of burried treasures are illuminated?

Yes, the people that live there go hungry every so often. But he is hiding in their bellys, and fireplaces too - awaiting with them to be nourished by the warmth brought from the harvest of your stories resurrected from hell.

Perhaps it is selfish of him, but can you at least see why the Gardener has planted you in the cold dirt for so long? Devouring so much of your beauty with his eyes, he created downseasons in order to receive the perfection of your fragrance with which he could even know love only through his nose.

While journeying through strange lands, God finds himself, time and time again, in you.

So now he is proposing to you, to marry him forever.

And so he leaves flowers all around your neighbors houses, waiting for the day that you will love him so much for this, that you would finally run back home, throw away the lock to your heart, and play your favorite instrument to that sea of song that bridges all divide - celebrating that you are in Love with yourself.

Your wedding cake is is as big as a castle. Share it now before God smashes your face in it.

All the guests are waiting for you to throw your boquet, filled with as many flowers as stars in the night sky. Enough for everybody to realize how lucky they are.

This will surely make for one hell of a dance party later on.

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