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Updated: Mar 21, 2021

There is something about music that encapsulates and transmits who i am in a way that is only ever more deeply unfolding and astonishing me

That i feel I am just a new born student to

Learning to trust the guidance of

To honor the mercy the gift the unbelievably real love of

That feels like a miracle Like a surprise

And sometimes

Like the only thing that makes sense

And that i'm learning to remember is essential for my health for the actualization of my beingness as an expression of life.

Beneath my mind, and all the stories, and explaining of who I am and what this is lies a deeper experiential communion

a communication with all of life from all life for all life

through which i can feel my soul and it’s ineffable flow of endless colors channeling through all different cultures and languages of the world

beyond what our text books taught us about what this being human is

and the unity that can be experienced

as we are reminded of our shared part in this vibrational sea being waved by a reality that cannot be defined

as it seeks to express in a beauty that i cannot think of being felt received understood known

on a deeper level then what the mystery and magic of musical expression transmits.

life is singing flowing through us all

in a profound movement of endless energetic unfoldment into deeper new ways of being and feeling

that we can fear and cower from try to explain away and dominate or begin to accept as the most essential, primordial reminders of our place within this song circle of life

As I mentioned

I am still a student of what this is

But I am learning to trust in the senseless sensation of truth that moves through me

through music

reminding me of who I am as a channel for a light moving through all of creation

Through the fire Through this screen

Through my voice

And through you.

Next time, won't you sing with me?

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