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So, Enjoy

If you look too hard for something, you might just miss what is here, not realizing that here lies what you are looking for.

Do you know what you are looking for? that thing that it has become an unconscious way of life to be in your mind searching to attain? Do you know that that thing is always here?

Joy. Peace. Love.

It is in the absence of looking, that we find the fulfillment of the present. The only moment we will ever, always have.

We are conditioned to live life’s of work- but we are living with a skewed perspective and definition of what this work has to feel like. For our modeled mode of working implies we are working for something. To accomplish an end goal or get to some finish line.

The nature of time and the eternal flow of life beg’s to differ with this underlying notion driving our life’s of seeking and forward looking.

The truth is that we are here to play.

The truth is that we are not here to get anywhere, but that we are simply here to be here. We will get there when we get there.

And then how will we enjoy the here that will be there, if we have forgotten that there is only one here- one endless invitation to play?

Life becomes a bitch when we take it too seriously.

How would you live if you knew there was nothing else to do and nowhere else to be? That this was it?

We do the most tremendous work in true service to society when we begin to see life as a play, and every moment as an opportunity to simply enjoy having already arrived.

From this perspective of not needing to get anywhere, all mental burdens and illusions that we carry are enlightened as our natural hearts are finally granted the space in which to expand out and guide the live’s of our deepest experiential fulfillment. The fulfillment that can only be found in Presence. In gratitude for, delight in, and devotion to the Eternal Now.

All past and future are illusions, for now.

So just for now, enjoy this moment.

Release your mind, and take heart and pleasure in what is here available within and around you.

And when the next moment comes, remember this and allow yourself permission to enjoy that one too.

For this universe is not much more then a game of eternal expansion.

You are on a divine assignment on behalf of the whole, and your work is to play and make the most of every moment. Your freedom is our freedom. Your being is automatically, unconditionally influential.

When the world remembers it’s footing in the Now, history is liberated, and infinity celebrates on earth.

You do not have to wait for anyone else to realize this is party for you to start dancing.

The invitation is ever unfolding.

Last moment is already gone forever.

Enjoy this one while it’s here.

Another will always be there to enjoy anew.

Isn’t that fucking ridiculous? There’s nothing to grasp, and no sense to be found! Just now to be lived.

So enjoy!

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