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The Only Thing You Need

Updated: Jul 14, 2020


Some of this Self-Love thing has to do with giving ourselves permission to be vulnerable, courageous, and open to experiencing love, connection, and support from / with others.

This is a huge factor, because the Self we are learning to love is interdependently woven unto the rest of life and humanity – and we were never meant to live in seeming isolation. It’s this culturally induced illusion of separation that has entrained our nervous-systems to forget our true nature of Love; a word that can be used to describe the abstract expirience of our interconnection to a greater whole which seemingly lies outside our body. (Think baby in a womb, wave in an ocean, star in a galaxy, pea in a pod, fish in a school, bee in a hive, child in a family)

Another part of learning to Love ourselves has to do with recalling the ways in which we can subconsciously seek outside ourselves for affirmation of the wholeness we were never resourced to realize as our essence, all the while distracting ourselves from truly hearing out and tending to our inner selfs’ calls for us to turn within to find a love at the depths of this longing like no one else can quite reach. Here is where we learn about BOUNDARIES, rooted in the revelation that another can never fulfill the core need we all possess for the self-love and inner-intimacy that only we can ultimately liberate ourselves through.

At the end of the day, between our outer and internal worlds, conscious Self-Love is saying yes to the dynamic dance between the Feminine Flow of not-knowing / surrender / openness / trust – and the Masculine Leadership of knowing / will / boundaries / discernment / sovereignty… although essentially, Sovereignty is choosing to admit to one’s authentic curiosity in an experiential exploration of the eternal question of “what is REALLY best for ME, now?”.

Quite frankly, we learn how to dance with life in a fluid way that works for us only by first EXPERIENCING that which is eventually directly discovered to not be conducive to a harmonious expirience of reality. Therefor, there are no mistakes or missteps, as all is an essential lesson on the path to integration. And so while our culture conditions us to beat ourselves up to get to the “right”, “good”, or “perfect” way of doing the things – Self Love holds our dimensions of personal exploration as innocent, noble, and wholesome within the great universal mystery unfolding through us.

Self Love is the permission for ALL of us to be welcome into the light of our conscious acceptance, despite the world seemingly only leaving room for some of us to feel validated and welcome to life’s party.

~ ~ ~

Still however, the Love at our core has us craving connection to the greater collective we are apart of – whether we define this longing to receive from or effect influence upon others as Love or not. The big myth being busted by the Self-Love evolution however is the idea that we must sacrifice our connection to our own heart in order to be connected to the heart of the world.

Ultimately, the harmonic resonance that weaves all of creation into and unto itself makes it so that what feels best for the Self, is essentially best for the All, and visa versa, for in truth, there is no separation.

It therefor helps us to realize that as we love and care for ourselves, seeing ourselves as the precious child that the Absolute Universal Self sees us as, we meet the process of our healing as our most worthy duty to honor on behalf of the collective / ancestral wounding we are bridges for the resolution of. In this way, the love we offer ourselves (which our societies have yet to fully realize how to offer to us due to it’s individuals not yet becoming learned in how to give it to themselves) goes out to effect the greater universal web of life that we are interwoven with.

Loving ourselves fully, we become fully resourced to show up as both examples for others to take their liberation via inner-union into their own hands (the only way it can be done on the absolute level), we also effect the field of resonance of the collective via our energetic template / coding, all the while becoming incrementally clear and charged to the degree that we can show up to embody the expression of this inner-love towards one another as never before.

Of course, one of the ways we love ourselves deeper, is to learn to love others deeper – for it is through the reflections of one another that we have come to know ourselves within this projected fractal hologramatrix of oneness. And yet while the teaching of loving our neighbor as our self is indeed spiritual gold, we can not fully love our neighbor as ourself if we do not truly know how to love ourself – and it is therefor not our duty to save anyone while playing martyr and depleting and bypassing our human needs.

The flow of love was not meant to be a condition of this kind, but rather something that nourished the giver and receiver in an equal non-dual capacity which extends to every heart in existence – with Love most plainly being the experiential realization of the truth which knows all energy as one.

So yes, it is true we are opening to new levels of generosity, and unpacking the essential spiritual gift of unconditional giving as a developing hive mind… and yet we are also therefor not meant to save the world all on our own.

Change must start and be embodied and exemplified within.

~ ~ ~

We are eternally equipped with all the universal resources we will ever need by the mechanism through which all seemingly external life is projected from the source within – and yet we are learning how to tend to and nourish our dynamically cycling energetic band-withs within the manifest cultural containers which have not yet been necessarily built to sustain a threshold level of conscious reciprocity based in regenerative abundance.

The thing that best sustains our wavering energy as these delicate, fleshy beings can always be recalled Love. And yet Love is like a pallet on which all the possible colors of creation are awaiting to be pained with.

What this means on a fundamental level therefor, is that we each must cultivate a foundation of meeting ourselves in as full of presence of devotion as we can. Rather then putting pressure on ourselves to do so, it is through letting ourselves fully held, honored, and celebrated as we are NOW (even with all our resistance, confusion, hopelessness and closed-off-ness), that we set the blueprint for a way of being that no longer seeks to fill this essential conditioned void through the attempt to take without consent from something seemingly outside of us.

Therefor, on the pathway to manifesting a form of civilization which fully offers it’s love to it’s people on an unconditional universal level in more innovative, grounded ways, we must begin by deeply studying that which our individual, unique body / mind / heart / soul needs in order to realize the sense of deep wholeness the world was never equipped to empower it to know itself as.

So not only is seriously loving yourself what you deserve – but this is what we all could most use from one another. The gift of each one learning to love themselves, like never before – for it all starts and ends within this Self.

And is time to realize that that is where the Love that interconnects us with all is eternally rooted in – the Source within.

~ ~ ~

Blessed healing. Blessed self-forgiving. Blessed processing. And blessed receiving.

Your full spectrum is welcome in this life. Dark and light. For you are not what you think you are. Not a shameful body or guilty ego. You are the universal whole that exists as consciousness beyond form. You are the mystery manifest as a myriad spectrum of dimensions to explore.

And all simply for the sake of knowing the true power and ineffable, unshakable truth of a Love that is infinite; the space beneath the imagined definitions of the mind, which unconditionally holds all aspects of the play of seemingly finite form in it’s pure embrace and blessing of intelligent harmonization over time.

We are all puzzle pieces in this great play of multi-dimensional, cosmic artistry, remembering that we are never out of place, or lacking in connection to the greater whole when we take it upon ourselves to honor our essential value as both fractal parts of the whole, and simultaneously the whole in and of itself.

Holding ourselves in the reverence which every heart wishes to realize it has always deserved, we slowly become conscious of our nature; a realization which shall eventually heal the programs of loneliness, co-dependency, insecurity, and hopelessness which have been at the source of most human-inflicted pains in this world – whether transferred directly by others around, or conditioned into self-infliction.

And again, this essential realization is that we are Love.

~ ~ ~

Being love does not mean that we must always remember and understand all this jargon.

It means that whether we believe / feel it or not, we are always complete, integral, precious, worthy, divine parts of existence in and of ourselves on the most basic levels- no matter fucking what.

And it’s time to truly prioritize knowing, treating, and caring for ourselves as such.

It is the most breakthrough exploration we can invest in for the evolution of life at large, in aligning with it’s core essence and highest potential to thrive as a whole.


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