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US | (Why I Don't Politic)

I Don't Politic.

But feel called to share a little piece on a whole big something that is crucial for those who are ready to get real with their desire to see humanity, or the U.S., reclaim our power to build a better world. This piece was written in the collective aftermath of Biden's inauguration, where many on the West Coast felt an air of relief.

Please don’t make this too much about one example - as this is a general principle that is the foundation upon which the collective begins to rise up into true justice, liberty, and unity.


The day we release our co-dependency to what is happening on the world stage (news / white house / fill-in-the-blank) for determining our state of either Stress or Relief.. Despair or Celebration...

Is the day we will be Sober, Sovereign, and Mature enough as a people to use the limitless resource of our latent genius, love, and cooperative creativity to actualize the New Earth that we are still too busy pointing our fingers at an Old World (based on the illusion of external, higher power vs. disempowered, divided people) to be present for.

I celebrate any moment of collective placebo (whether it’s a new president, a holiday, the winning of our favorite sports team, a New Year, etc.) under which we can give ourselves permission to feel truly free, happy, and unstoppable.

And because this untapped potential within us all is too world-changing for me to hide the secrets of... I am here to slice through the “nocebo” excuses we make as to where we should give away our birthright to know this level of lit-ness.

Because it is in these very places where we give away our power. Where we stifle our own energy. Where we divide ourselves.

Where we drag the past out longer then we have to, and cramp ourselves and the world into a box - to which the lid is uplifted only as our mind opens up and unwraps all story keeping us from the gift of the Present (pun intended).

Did you know that this “dark cloud” many may feel is being lifted today in the world, is actually 99% within your own consciousness?

Yes, the weight of collective emotion is real... let’s give it 1%.

And yes, some humans on this earth have been enabled into positions of power where they can influence others (especially those in marginalized demographics or less favorable circumstance) to be more deeply challenged into realizing their highest potential...

And… the greatest trap we have to keep us from accessing 100% of our power right now as individuals, is in either the conscious or unconscious belief that we have to be victims to our ideas of what’s happening in the external world in order to be “real”, present, or compassionately progressive.

While absolutely noble and innocent - this ironically makes it harder than it has to be not only for ourselves, but also for the collective, when we are not taking ownership for how we give our energy, peace, and optimism away to forces or people removed from our personal, immediate reality.

There is a wide-open Earth here, waiting for us to relish in the magic, simplicity, and abundance of what it means to be a human.

When we truly allow ourselves to expirience the purity of our natural beingness - we become cleared out as channels for this intelligent, creative force that unifies all life, to flow through us in service to the whole.

No, it's not all rainbows and unicorn farts.

And yes, it is crucial that we allow the world situation to continue to break our heart and wake us up to the deeper, riveting need for service, passion, and empathy at this time - as part of the journey into awakening to our interconnected nature and authentic expression as parts of a greater circle of life.

But we fail to go deeper into fully embodying and serving the medicine our true Loving natures, when we get mentally stuck on the stories of what forces are suppressing this within humanity...

Without realizing we ARE humanity. And that it is our own minds perception of an "other" that is the ultimate prison guards of the heart that knows no bound or concept of separation or lack...

Somewhere along the way, rather then be used as conscious channels for this love, our minds turned in on ourselves and began creating layers upon layers of unnecessary suffering - due to certain people who believed that the greatest way to overcompensate for a feeling of powerlessness was in convincing others to believe that they are disempowered.

And innocently, we all fell for it.

Taking back our power as a heart-open humanity starts with a realization that the power of our hearts can never be taken away by anyone outside us - for it is what we ARE. And that as we emancipate ourselves from mental slavery - freedom fucking rings.

It is this remembrance that give us the full agency to be the living embodiments of the state of being our ancestors have worked their asses of to allow us to finally know - through which Heaven on Earth can be lived out, and radiated from TODAY, rather then “some day”.

This is the trick.

The world we live in and share together, is emanated, influenced, informed, and constantly re-created based on the state of being we are functioning from.

If we wait for some external thing to perfectly fall into place to feel this, know this, be this - we will miss the only moment in which anything ever is realized. Now.

Every time you let the idea of someone else ruin your day, make you contracted, or dampen your sense of connection to the most authentic inspired spark / vision / love within your soul - you are unconsciously voting for that person. You are unconsciously giving your power away to the very thing you fear the power of.

Truly, the greatest thing we could gift to humanity, is to take the self-responsibility to bless ourselves with the permission to impeach the limiting voices in our heads...

And get Real and Progressive with the Sun of our hearts that is actually here behind the dark cloud of limiting beliefs hiding it

to lead us into a world that reflects the limitless power of this uncompromising radiance that is here to shine forth a whole New Earth.

Where every moment is a breathe of fresh air under an endless sky of possiblity.

A declaration of inter-dependance.

A celebration of a new beginning.

Starting with you. Now, and Forever US.

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