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We are The Gardeners of a New Earth

The gardens architected, weeds uprooted, seeds planted, and plants watered today - truly matter!

The fruits may not reap all in one season...

But sure enough, as unsustainable models deteriorate - we all will be the ancestors, the fore-bearers, the pioneers of the biggest renaissance and cultural jump humanity has ever yet known.

The harvesters of countless cosmic cycles of hard work, happening in the blink of an Infinite Universal Eye (I)... the initiators, portal-holders, and way-pavers of the flowering of Natural Evolution, Consciousness Expansion, and Self-Realization through the Human Avatar.

This is no small time window for our species.

In-fact, it is the ripest with potential, promise, and profound possiblity.

Don't let any old story convince you that you are incapable or stunted in your destiny to plant the exact seeds that feel most authentic and exciting to you, as it is through the purity of our deeper, playful innocence - that the most immense and expansive realities can emerge, encompass, and anchor into our Planet.

You are not alone.

Love, Nature, and the Blossoming Creative Momentum of Humanity is clearing all the residue in our collective field that has ever blocked experiential access to how supported and interconnected you are, as a bringer of Life, and steward of this Earth on behalf of the ones to come.

Have patience in the greater process, while letting your radical heart fire be fearless in hurling into your creative inspirations, while never forgetting to smell the flowers already here - and stopping to honor the roots of all the depths, divinity, and miraculous heart power that has sprouted you forth into this New Season of Awakening.

The New Earth Blossoms through You.

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