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We Are The New Service Workers

Just found out that China deployed 60,000 troops to plant trees over land spanning the size of Ireland. Of course, I didn’t find out about it via any conventional news source.

It seems they prefer to share more of the scary seperation stuff.

Throughout my day today, I walked past police officers on two occassions. The first time, I automatically felt myself put up an energetic armor of protection and mistrust- mirroring what I pick up from the Police archetype after unpleasant personal experiences where I felt bullied or threatened, despite my relative privilege.

The second time I saw the police however, I was also walking by a piece of garbage at the same time (something I've made it a habit of to often pick up when I notice) and thought to myself- holy shit! Having police is a genius idea! According to the acclaimed intention behind their roles being to “Serve and Protect”, they’re like official light-workers!...

Unless they haven’t done much shadow work to integrate the “bad” parts of themselves they might be seeking to 1-up in the projection of our world- which too often seems to be the place from which their professional dreams are motivated; to fight and enforce a “good vs. guilty / right vs. wrong / us vs. them” paradigm of fear and suspicion in the public as an attempt to protect and compensate their repressed feelings of disconnection and fear through.

Not all cops, of course.

And I see so much potential for what these forces meant to support the public good could be used for with such responsibility taken to heart and a vision willing to expand.

What if cops came in inspired to heal themselves and the world not just through fighting what’s “disturbing the peace”, but actually building on and nourishing what’s creating the peace?

Imagine humans going into these positions of service with a committed duty to truly show up for the community (when not busy with more serious cases) through acts of kindness such as picking up trash, offering rides to those who need it, cheering up a homeless persons day (rather then harass them), smiling at and blessing people who might need it... [insert good idea's here]. Just constantly leading as generators and role models of positive energy for all.

Growing up in the suburbs, I intuit that around here Police act most insensitively because they’re pretty much bored. They want to feel powerful and important- and all they know is this “fighting crime” mentality. This hierarchal illusion that their uniform gives them of ego-based power relations that are all too easy to abuse.

Of course every person is different.

But what if our service men on all fronts were put to use based on the motivation not just for "fighting", and "cracking-down" on "crime", but truly being there for and uplifting people and our earth in all the holistic ways needed so badly at this time...

And what if by the character of their presence and action, Police became those friends you could look to and feel safety and trust around because they were there available with smiles and open hearts- like they truly had your back and were there to support you however you needed, rather then try to find something "wrong" with you?


Another collective presence I got to spend time around tonight while waiting for the train after an apparent Hockey game was Sports Fans.

After just a couple minutes of thinking nothing of it, my energy/nervous system detected that this was a foreign and less-safe feeling field then I’m used to.

I looked around and witnessed a lot of intoxicated people, and a lot of rowdy, near vulgar energy/expression.

I get it though. We have so much passion and energy as a collective that needs to be expressed. And we love to come together and put this energy into a cause that’s bigger then us.

Without judgment (maybe just a little- instinctually 😂 ), I wondered what if we allowed ourselves to come together and become this passionate about the show-down currently happening between unconsciously relating to our planet vs. creatively caring for a thriving collective future? And what if instead of needing a team to be against, we realized it was enough to be on the human team: taking proactive action to cheer with and for all Life.

Because it seems the clock is ticking on the final quarter out here if we don't start working as a unit now... and how we play this Game has consequences that go beyond this one season.

All this to say, I do not underestimate the power us everyday people have to take the initiative to keep doing what we feel in our heart might bring us even the slightest bit closer to creating the ripple towards the change we wish to see.

Even if it’s not yet a popular, cool, accepted, or televised lifestyle.

We can’t risk remaining complacent and labeling the tiniest acts of courageous progress as cliche or naive.

Revolution happens despite the mass model looking completely contrary, and has nothing to do with the seeming powers that be.

It must be grass roots.

I know manya great undercover Galactic Guardians, Super-Hero's and Light Warriors that keep watch and maintain harmony amidst the balance of dark and light within this world while disguised as ordinary human beings. Through their hidden humility, they make themselves available to serve as channels for a power that moves in legendary unison with the greater forces of benevolence and evolution that be.

If you are reading this, you are one of these beings... perhaps you just haven't yet had a chance to see yourself in the mirror with the proper Super-Suit; having learned to perceive

yourself through the foggy filters of others for so long...

So as medicine for these most trying times, Love is truly the greatest super power to know- for it can be mustered, exercised, and infused into all things, in all ways.

And we all have an infinite supply, as it is the fundamental force of natural intelligence, ever moving us towards the next stage of our human evolution to thrive here on this planet as One.

When we stop fighting one another, we stop fighting ourselves- and visa versa. For we ARE one another.

And may we let it be known, and start showing up.

For just as a small seed turns into a mighty tree, each action we take from a place of intention on behalf of the greater welfare of the whole truly matters- especially where it seems it's needed most.

It’s time to be seen uprooting and taking a stand for the greater human family. We are interdependent upon one another. We influence one another. Our fate is interlaced by the web of this Earth, like the fungal networks that connect Trees beneath the soil.

In order to broadcast a thriving place for our children and communities, we must start with ourselves- and grow into our role as these spreaders of these sacred seeds to rise as an army of peace;

Rooted in the power within our feet to be Sovereignly moved, while living in service to the Earth and uniting collective.

The seeds i'm planting right now are with intentions for a new kind of public perception in regards to what it means to be a Service Worker.

Join me.

Kinda like those Chinese soldiers.

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