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Why Weekly Online Song Circles?

This for me is what it's all about, and has always been about ~ that we just forgot somewhere along this Spiral Story...

What a gift of get to be the ones through which it's all being brought back together in this time.

Within each of us is the Sacred Source Center that The Earth is calling forth the experiential reunion of, as we are forced to slow down to learn to feel, witness, and allow what wants to be expressed though the space in between us....

We are all now being initiated into a higher awareness of our responsibility as Sovereign Souls, at One with Nature and the Balance of all Beings.

Time after time after time, finding myself around the Fire, in Ceremony, in Circle, in Song has saved me from the spells of unconsciously feeling isolated and alienated from whatever the fuck was going in on this world. Has returned to my bones the felt remembrance of their belonging to something timeless, pure, and intimate. To family.

Every cell in my being asks me to wake up and allow myself to be open by this rainbow river of creativity, declaring that: "This way of gathering is part of an ancient reclamation that's been weaving through the blood streams of our ancestors leading us into this pivotal NOW... where we get to unlock and serve the futuristic Medicine for a world healing from its dissociation from it's place in the Song Circle of Life at this time."

I cannot fight or hide the fire moving through my heart, or pretend it's not as brilliant, vital, and magical as it truly as. That it's demands are "too big", or anything less then to join the flames of others, and burn brighter together to transmute all our old stories of smallness into the highest remembrance of their raw divinity.

For me, this way of circling together is a NEED that embodies the "We" that we all can intellectualize is good ... and which truly brings us deeper into our bodies, from where we can radiate our heart signal further out for all to hear the call to "come, come, whoever you are".

During this time when the world seems most isolated and polarized - i'm here to show up in my vulnerability and courage, and find my voice in resonance within a group field of others doing the same, to remember that we're not alone. That we got each other.

That it's safe. That it's simple. That it's sacred.

And so fucking beautiful.

Heart-breaking at times, yes. But then also Ecstatic beyond belief when we really give the wild wisdom of our sensitivities the space to be revered, honored, and moved through.

Gathering Virtually in this way is absolutely profound, and to me is the epitome of what it means to pioneer a New Culture through the portal of this virtual unified grid ~ as we clear the heart space to serve as bridges from the technological age of complex information, and into the embodied age of inter-connective expirience.

What is being weaved through us is nothing short of the next greatest unfoldment to have ever happened in the Universe - and the time is nothing short of 'Now' to get together and make the most of this precious life, and remember who we've always been.

Here we are Family.

I do this because without it, I don't know what I'd do.

My "why" is Love.

Let's Sanctify it, Celebrate it, and Send it!

We will be gathering over Zoom ! ~ come share Presence, Prayers, Song, and Poetry!

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