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You Will Never Get There

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

“Once you realize that the road is the goal and that you are always on the road, not to reach a goal, but to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom, life ceases to be a task and becomes natural and simple, in itself an ecstasy.” -Nisargadatta Maharaj

Life/Enlightenment/Happiness/Fulfillment is not a destination.

We are born present, naturally enjoying and living life moment to moment. This is the only True way to live.

We are conditioned by our culture to chase what is not real, aka something beyond what is here and now.

This is not possible.

As our mind becomes looped with programs always seeking to fix, escape, or become something other than what is, we end up living unconsciously in imaginations detached from life as it actually exists, therefor experiencing the unnecessary suffering of never reaching the good shit that reality may have to offer only when we are actually here with it.

Spiritual seekers with good intentions trade this attempt to strive for and one day attain the perfect degree, job, salary, social symbol, etc. for the idea of one day becoming enlightened.

This is just clothing our ego trip in a t-shirt that sais “I’m Spiritual”.

If you are seeking an ultimate truth, meaning, or sense of fulfillment as if it is something beyond this moment, you will never find it.

All you will ever have is now.

There is nothing on this ride to attain or be.

You will always be carried by the eternal moment into another moment that can only be experienced in it’s ultimate essence when you surrender your seeking to what is already here.

Here, there is not your thoughts of self-consciousness. Here there is just here. An eternally new here- in every second a brand new blank opportunity to expirience what it’s like to simply be what you already are without trying to question or manipulate your expirience.

Because you can only ever be what you already are, there is nothing within you to fix.

You don’t even need to fix the mind that is always trying to fix things.

It’s that simple.

You are created exactly perfect as a wholesome expression of the absolute.

This absolute knowns no idea’s of “wrong” “imperfect” or “broken” or “incomplete”. It holds each moment as the purpose of it’s whole existence.

You are that fucking precious. That fucking perfect. That fucking epic. And that fuckin’ allowed to chill…

Everything in your way of feeling this is only the ideas you may unconsciously summon and recreate because you have been taught that life is a puzzle or problem to solve in order to get “there.”

Or if you call yourself spiritual, in order to get “here”.

That’s ok. It’s safe to let go now.

You’re already here.


You’ve arrived.

This is it.

All of it.

Here it all lies.

All the blessings you seek. All the revelations of truth.

The truth is beneath the words that try to grasp that within which words and thoughts appear and disappear.

Nothing can grasp what is the highest and greatest truth.

Nothing cannot be that highest and greatest truth.

Everything is that. It is always here. Always this. Always you.

Don’t overcomplicate it.

Just enjoy.

You are supported by this eternal reality more then you can ever know.

Everything is here for you to learn to trust in and surrender into.

All of it, already here, for you. Literally…

The earth is holding you, nature singing for you.

And you are here for you.

So be good to yourself.

While the world projects it’s judgments, anxieties, expectations, and false-models of how life should be lived onto you, be the one that give’s yourself a break and grounds yourself back in what is true.

You are the presence you seek. You are the truth you strive to understand or attain. Not your mental thoughts, ideas, and judgments about who you think you are. Those are allowed too.

But they are not truth. You are beneath and before all that- the fabric of existence, the consciousness in which all this appears.

And you have full permission to trust and lean into this. To enjoy and savor and love all the beauty of this world that dances and arises and disolves within you.

In the new paradigm of sensible living, there is no worrying needed.

Listen to the silence, become the stillness, and then sing and dance with it.

It’s always here for you, dancing with you.

It’s always here- You.

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