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Our New Culture Page, Website & domain, Instagram

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Sedona: Paladin Path Event - Chocolotree Concert - Boss505 transmission creation (original acoustic songs, dubstep channelings, beats + raps, shamanic sound healing, channeling)

Our NEw Culture

Educational Platform and Blog serving as a bridge for our New Cultural Evolution

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Public Instagram filled with Sourced Transmissions for embodying the Direct Path

Medicine Music Movement

Event Production and Virtual Community space for  Embodied Awakening 

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Note from Universe (5 / LLL)

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Note from Universe

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Soul Embodiment Expirience

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Personal Checkin (5 / LLL)

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Something is happening... 

As our cultural conditions continue to crumble around us,  while things can seem daunting when looking outside - in looking within, each of us is given the opportunity to remember true, lasting home in our Hearts. Only from this raw dive beneath the mental walls protecting our limited sense of selfs from lifes Mystery, can we realize healing and liberation from the turmoil designed of our collective wound of seeming separation.  Through realizing commonality and courage in the tender, open space behind old identities, we each may come know our unique expression of this one undefinable, infinite reality and human family we are in. As lifes complexity humbles us, we are given the chance of metamorphosis like never before.


Each of us must go in to meet our core sense of disconnect from Self, Nature, and One Another during this time - through which we uncover the innate wholeness of our sacred part in humanities healing and blossoming out of ages of soul suppression. In learning to consciously realize ourselves anew, we co-create a New Earth Culture that fully and finally holds, supports & celebrates our deeper, undefinable natures. This is what I am here in sincere service too - as permission and support for others called to actualize an Earth that welcomes and celebrates all


This is ours.  We need you


Join my Online Community to engage in an intimate, live-feed container providing the most wholesome access to the deeper dimensions of my work  including exclusive content, discounts, and offerings 



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